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Photo Fusing Decal Paper

4.4 out of 5 stars (7 Customer Reviews)

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Ref: US49081000
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Product Information

For the first time, home hobbyists, professional studios, schools and artists can easily, safely and inexpensively fire high quality photographs, graphics and text onto their fused glass projects. All you need is:

  • The special transfer paper

  • A HP or Canon Black and White only Laser Printer (see below)

  • Access to a kiln.

Available with or without the booklet.

This pack of 10 x 216 x 279mm (US standard paper size) sheets comes with easy to follow step by step instructions and the booklet contains more detailed instructions along with project ideas including how to add colour to sepia images.

The additional booklet is filled with beautiful full colour photographs.

N.B. You do not need the booklet to use the paper as instructions are included with the paper as standard.

Also included is a ramp and hold firing chart for firing glass in a ceramic kiln. Use a black and white printer to print images or text onto the photo fusing paper and then fuse the image directly onto your glass work resulting in a vintage sepia effect. It is possible to add colour to your images by adding enamels or glass powders either on top of or under the image.

See the pdfs for more information.

These decals are not suitable for firing onto glass with a coating e.g. iridised glass.

Printers that work for fusing images on glass: 

Many HP or Canon (no other brands) black-only laser printer, copier or fax machines work as long as it has no capability for printing in colour.  If printing photographs you may want to get a machine that can print 1200 dpi, however 600dpi is a good quality print.  You do not need an expensive machine, but be sure it has a manual feed tray. Customers have recommended the HP Laser Jet Pro M15A with original toner.  We use the HP Laserjet P2035 with the Original CE505A Black Laserjet Laser Toner Cartridge:

HP LaserJet P2035 for printing decals
It is the toner cartridge that is the most important factor in whether it will work. It must contain 30-60% iron oxide. According to our research the following toner cartridges should work:
  • HP CE505A (the one we use here and the one we recommend)
  • HP CF244A (fits the M15A printer recommended by other customers)
  • HP 87A (fits the M501 printer recommended by other customers)
  • HP 51A (fits printers recommended by paper manufacturer)
  • HP 53A (fits printers recommended by paper manufacturer)
  • Canon 719 Black (fits printers recommended by paper manufacturer)

Update at at 2019: A few of HP’s NEW Black Laser printers have changed their toner formulation.  Before you buy a new HP printer for this process, please check the cartridge number on HP’s MSDS site to be sure your toner contains either Iron Oxide or Ferrite. 

There is also a link on  the FAQ page at   ALL Canon Black-Only laser printers still  work for this process.

Further FAQs for Fired-On Images: 

  1. Image has disappeared completely after firing: Make sure that you are using An *HP or Canon BLACK-ONLY Laser Printers or Multifunction Printer /Copiers or Fax machines to make your image. Only use authentic HP or Canon toners, no substitutes. Use onlyFired-On Images™” Brand of Transfer Paper.
  2. *As of 2019 a few NEW HP models do not contain iron oxide. Before buying a new printer, Check the MSDS site linked below for the toner cartridge number to see if it contains iron oxide / ferrite. All Canon Black-only laser printers/copiers still work!
  3. Black Toner smudged when you remove water from the unfired transfer paper: If toner smudges on the decal paper before you’ve touched it... change paper preference in printer menu to “Heavy Paper”  
  4. Image wipes off after firing: Transfer firing too low, try again at a higher temperature.
  5. Image has faded after firing: Transfer firing temperature is too hot…use a lower temp.  
  6. Image has cracks in it:  Small microscopic crackling is normal but if you see large cracks or holes after firing, be sure to handle the film as little as possible by lifting the backing paper out of water bath with film still attached then slide film onto surface gently. Use a rubber roller “brayer” over a paper towel laid on top of the image then remove water and bubbles.  Do not stretch the film when applying.  

Product Reviews
4.4 out of 5 stars
3 out of 5 stars Wednesday 07 October, 2020 By Lesley Bradley
Please do not buy the HP Laserjet 107w printer. The ink cartridge is not suitable to use with this transfer paper as I found out after purchasing the printer. After contacting Warm Glass because the images were blank after firing they have now updated their guidance regarding suitable ink cartridges. Thank you Warm Glass for being proactive and updating the information regarding this issue, sadly I now need to purchase a different printer.
5 out of 5 stars Tuesday 25 August, 2020 By ortal cohen - See all my reviews
i like it alot! very nice on turquse or vanila glass.
som1 wrote about it look black on blue clear glass.. wich glass / number / model is it ???? thanks
5 out of 5 stars Tuesday 04 August, 2020 By Julie Patton
Can you use the decal paper on enamel in an enamel kiln?
WARM GLASs REPLY: Yes you can. Fire the enamels first then apply the decal and fire again according to instructions.
5 out of 5 stars Thursday 09 April, 2020 By Charlotte Hughes-Martin
Really great product.

My advice is change the paper size in whatever computer program you're using before setting up and printing. You'll have no left over blank bits and everything will fit perfectly!

-Photoshop it's in U.S paper and the size is 'letter.'
-In Microsoft Word go to file, click page set up then choose U.S Letter
4 out of 5 stars Friday 06 July, 2012 By Frank Brook
Though not listed as a compatible printer, it works with an HP LaserJet 4 using a genuine HP toner cartridge. US letter paper size is an irritation. Sufficient information provided with paper so book is not essential.

WARM GLASS RESPONDED: Instructions are provided with the paper too - the book is intended more as a guide with ideas & projects
4 out of 5 stars Wednesday 13 July, 2011 By Tee Taylor - See all my reviews
I am really impressed with this product. The sepia tone is lovely and if you print it onto the back of a transparent blue glass, then it appears black. The only slight issue is that it comes in a US-sized paper, almost A4 but not quite, which has meant I chopped off a photo as my printer only likes A4. Overall though, I love this product.
5 out of 5 stars Thursday 12 May, 2011 By Ruth Richards-Hill
I love this product, I accidentally printed on the tissue paper first time, but peeled it off and reprinted and it was FAB! The pieces sold the moment we put them in the window! The picture prints darker than on the screen - thats Normal , DO NOT lighten them up. Worth the expense, the first page pays for the pack and more.

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