Meet our Teachers

We're proud to have the finest glass artists teaching for us

Here are the incredible artists currently teaching through our online education partner Glass School, a platform with many learning opportunities:

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Alice Benvie Gebhart

Specialism: Glass Landscapes

Rhode Island kilnformed glass artist and teacher Alice Benvie Gebhart is best known for her glass depictions of glass landscapes and trees. "Being born into an artistic family, my father and grandfather were practicing artists, I continue the family legacy with glass. Glass is the media that reveals this natural vibrancy of mind and spirit to its utmost. I enjoy the technique kilnformed glass to create something that is both abstract and literal."

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Alison Lowry

Specialism: Cast Glass, Silk Screen & Pâte de Verre

Alison Lowry is a glass artist living and working from her studio, ‘Schoolhouse Glass’ in Northern Ireland. In 2009, she graduated from the University of Ulster with a First Class Honours degree in Art & Design. She's won numerous awards including The Glass Prize in 2010 & 2011, and more recently the Bronze Award at Bullseye Glass’ ‘Emerge’ exhibition. Alison exhibits internationally, including  several public collections such as The National Gallery of Ireland the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

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Amanda Simmons

Specialism: Drop Out Techniques

Amanda makes kilnformed glass objects, playing with gravity in the kiln. Manipulating mass, heat, colour and time, she creates complex, elusive work that has intense colour and pattern which reacts to the light it is placed in. She uses opaque glass powders to construct her work because of its varying translucency as the form elongates in the kiln, then finishes the pieces using many coldworking processes. Amanda graduated from Central St Martin’s School of Art & Design in London with a Postgraduate Certificate in Glass & Architecture, before relocating to Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland. She has exhibited in many high profile national and international exhibitions.

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Bob Leatherbarrow

Specialism: Innovation in Glass Powders

Bob established Leatherbarrow Glass Studio in Calgary in 1988 and has created original kilnformed glass ever since. Known for his innovative styles, techniques, and designs, he has taken an experimental approach to developing unique textures and colour palettes with glass powders. His glass bowls and sculptures explore the subtle hues and delicate beauty of naturally occurring textures and encourage the viewer to ponder their origin. In 2008 Bob moved his studio to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia where he makes glass art and writes e-books on his signature techniques. Bob is a popular guest instructor on the international kilnformed glass scene.

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Catherine Dunstan

Specialism: Pattern Making in Glass

Catherine Dunstan, based in Bristol, UK, is a glass artist and educator with specific interests in pattern making through combining kiln-formed techniques and hot glass processes. A graduate of the University for the Creative Arts MA program, Catherine has exhibited throughout the UK, and has been teaching glass at professional venues since 2013. Her Colour Blooming technique has been wildly popular and has been the subject of both her Live Online Masterclasses, run with our Glass School, as well as her comprehensive eBook.

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Claire Hall

Specialism: Sculpture & Flamework

Claire's glass passion began during her years travelling across the US, when she met a small community of glass artists and started to learn the basics of glass fusing. It was at this time Claire also started creating glass jewellery, making glass beads over a hot torch and fused glass jewellery in a kiln. Since then she has moved back to her studio near Bristol, UK. She has won several awards for her glass jewellery and exhibits nationally. Last year she was selected to showcase her sculptural vessels and jewellery at The National Glass Centre in Sunderland. Claire has been teaching at Warm Glass since 2012.

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Evelyn Gotschall Baker

Specialism: Pâte de Verre

Evelyn started off her professional career as a Graphic Artist and Illustrator, creating detailed paintings and drawings for the Department of the Army. Having received a Bachelor of Arts Degree, she then went on to becoming a Test Engineer for a U.S Defence Contractor. On the side Evelyn pursued a part-time career in stained glass – opening the door to her passion for fused glass. She has taught her techniques in various global locations and garnered an ‘Highly Commended’ place in The Glass Prize 2020. Her glass art is inspired by and captures the beauty of her local surroundings in Colorado.

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Joanna Manousis

Specialism: Glass Casting

Joanna is a British-American glass and mixed-media artist. She holds a Fine Art Master’s Degree in Sculpture and a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art-Glass. Having worked, studied, and taught in Japan, the UK, US and Australia – she has an international reputation, and her work has been exhibited globally. Joanna’s unique objects and art installations blur distinctions between fine and decorative art and bring attention to the beauty found in nature. Her work continues to explore human nature and the conflicts between our internal reality and the world we occupy.

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Marina Hanser

Specialism: Casting and Pâte de Verre

Marina Hanser is an international glass artist and educator based in Austria. She has received a series of national and international opportunities including residencies at Corning Museum of Glass, Bullseye Glass, Canberra Glassworks and the Australian National University. Marina has received a number of awards including The Glass Prize, run by Warm Glass UK.

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Megan O'Hara

Specialism: Pattern Bar and Glass Painting

Megan began working with glass in 2005, creating a range of dichroic jewellery, and helping to make tiles for 5th Element Design. In 2011 she completed an art degree in Creative Art Practices at Sheffield Hallam University and returned to Warm Glass to pursue a creative career in glass. In 2013, Megan attended a glass instructor’s course at the Bullseye Glass factory in Portland, Oregon and began teaching workshops for Warm Glass. In 2015 she took part in the Glass Heap Challenge in the Kosta Boda glass factory in Sweden. Megan is the Studio Coordinator at Warm Glass UK, responsible for the running of the studio as well as offering technical advice to customers.

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Morgan Madison

Specialism: Bold Graphic Design in Glass

Morgan Madison is a Pacific Northwest based artist. A fateful job in the fiery depths of a glass factory led to his pursuit of glass as a medium. Today, working from his studio in Seattle, he uses a variety of materials and processes to create work that is informed by his love of drawing and inspired by place – the colours, textures, design and landscape which help define the places we live.

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Paul Tarlow

Specialism: Pattern Bar and Strip Cut Design

Paul Tarlow is a glass artist and runs Helios Glass Studio in Austin, Texas, USA. In 2008, Paul abandoned his high-tech career at Dell to work full-time at Helios Kiln Glass Studio, his highly regarded teaching facility in Austin where he makes his artwork and is a full-time kilnformed glass instructor. Paul employs a range of techniques to create his work, including pattern bars and slumping techniques.

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Richard Parrish

Specialism: Bas-Relief and Glass Tapestry

Richard Parrish is known internationally for stunning tapestry and textural Bas-Relief kiln glass work. As an artist and an architect, Richard finds inspiration in both the natural and the human-made environments. His work investigates the intersections and collisions between the natural landscape and the human impositions on that landscape. It is concerned with both physical and temporal conditions, rooted in the landscape of the intermountain west in the United States.

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Saman Kalantari


Specialism: Pâte de Verre

Saman was born in Iran, receiving his Bachelor of Arts at Azad University in 1994, before moving to Italy in 2004. Saman completed a two-year course at Vetroricerca Glas & Modern in Bolzano in 2007, where he discovered glass as a medium. Through glass art, he was able to express his experiences of life in both Iran and Europe. Saman has exhibited and taught across the world, receiving multiple awards such as The Glass Prize in 2018. "I think of waste as an artistic material, the presence of something residual and processes of things that happened or have been. I use found objects, recyclable materials, organic forms and then I transform them into artwork."

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Silvia Levenson

Specialism: Glass Casting

Originally from Argentina, Silvia emigrated to Italy in 1981, during the "disappearances" of the Dirty War. Levenson received the Rakow Commission Award from the Corning Museum of Glass in New York, and was shortlisted for the Bombay Sapphire Prize. Her work has been exhibited around the world, including the Corning Museum of Glass in New York, US, the Toledo Museum of Art, Museo del Vidrio in Argentina, Museo del Vetro in Italy, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Texas, US. "I explore daily interpersonal relationships through installations and objects that state firmly what is usually felt or whispered. My work is centralised on this unspeakable space which is often so small, located between what we can see and what we feel."


Here are some of the internationally renowned artists that have previously taught in the Warm Glass studio:


Alicia Lomné

Specialism: Pâte de Verre

Alicia Lomné works with the glass kilncasting technique of Pâte de Verre; literally translated from French it means 'paste of glass'. The process includes creating a model, making a mould, placing thin layers of powdered or fritted glass within the mould, and then firing the piece in a kiln. Alicia works primarily with open faced moulds and is most compelled by the exact colour placement and sculptural possibilities that Pâte de Verre offers. Alicia has dedicated the past twelve years to exploring techniques in Pâte de Verre. She shows her extraordinary work in galleries across the U.S. and has taught Pâte de Verre workshops around the world.

Alicia Lomne.jpg__PID:35a991d8-64db-434c-b074-04079a39f041
Alyssa Portait 300x300.jpg__PID:09a27f31-7d68-4d17-bd0e-842871ba41a8

Alyssa Oxley

Specialism: Kiln Cast Boxes

Alyssa is known for her innovative use of fibre paper to bring form and structure to kiln glass. She currently teaches kiln forming glass classes in places like the Corning Museum of Glass studio, and Helios Glass studio in Austin, Texas, as well as Warm Glass UK.

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Amanda Muddimer

Specialism: Flameworked Beads

Manda has been a bead maker since 2005. Developing her business Mango Beads, she has built a unique body of work and is well known for her eclectic use of colour. Much of her work is cabochon-based and her Harlequin and Sundial designs, sold as pendants and ring toppers have become very collectable. Manda is an internationally acclaimed lampwork instructor; the classes and workshops she gives have awakened a passion for teaching she never knew she had. The opportunity to share her skills with others perhaps just beginning their journey in lampwork is a constant reminder of how lucky she is to have discovered beadmaking and the joy it brings with it.


Becky Wills

Specialism: Artistic & Product Development

Becky has been teaching workshops with Warm Glass UK since 2007. She attended the glass instructor’s course at the Bullseye factory in Portland, USA and has a wide knowledge of all aspects of kilnformed glass.

Becky’s entrepreneurial spirit and specialised knowledge of glass fusing has led her to develop a range of products for use in fusing and for glass display. Becky also works tirelessly to produce a unique range of Vitrigraph Stringers for Warm Glass.

Becky Wills Main.jpg__PID:1d370307-7633-4f52-bf7c-57d1fd1a76bf

Catharine Newell

Specialism: Glass Powders

Catharine Newell, recognized for her distinctive figurative work using glass powders, exhibits her unique approach to kiln working internationally. An ardent educator, Newell’s teaching history includes Masterclasses at Pilchuck Glass School, North Lands Glass and Corning, as well as venues across Europe and the UK. Newell’s work has been acquired for numerous permanent collections including Swedish Hospital, Hotel Murano, Montreal Museum of Fine Art, Hunter Museum of American Art, University of Miami Lowe Museum and Tsinghua University Museum in Beijing. Newell maintains a private studio in Portland, Oregon.

Catharine Newell Main.jpg__PID:9a102a0d-e817-4dee-bc61-a9bebb6fb91f
Catharine Newell Oistres III 2016.jpg__PID:2a0de817-bdee-4c61-a9be-bb6fb91f28bf

Deborah Horrell (1953-2018)

Specialism: Pâte de Verre

Deborah Horrell (1953-2018). Deborah received her MFA from the University of Washington in 1979. After working as a ceramist for many years, she explored wood and bronze. Horrell then began investigating glass at the Pilchuck Glass School during a residency in 1994. A residency at the Bullseye Factory followed in 1996, permanently redirecting the trajectory of her career. Her work was shown in museums and galleries nationally and internationally. Working with the Pâte de Verre process, she created beautiful objects which play with the balance of strength and fragility. Sadly, Deborah lost her six-year battle with cancer in August 2018. Her passing is a huge loss to the artistic community. She was a truly inspirational artist to learn from.


Jane Bruce

Specialism: Glass Sculpture

Jane exhibits her work internationally, it can be found in many major museum collections worldwide, including those of the Victoria and Albert Museum. Jane has taught extensively in the US as well as in Canada, Europe and Australia. Her work examines the essence of object and form examining how composition, colour, light, proportion, and the juxtaposition of positive and negative space work within an object.


Jeremy Lepisto

Specialism: Flameworked Beads

After graduating with a BA in Fine Art from Alfred University (Alfred, New York USA) in 1997, he made his way to Portland (Oregon, USA) and was hired to be the Production Manager Apprentice at the Bullseye Glass Company. This role allowed him to work in every facet of the Bullseye factory’s glass production areas as well as with any visiting artists who came to work at the factory. In addition, he was engaged to teach classes and research new glass chemistry and processes; this experience formed the basis of his glass kilnforming knowledge. In 2001 he left Bullseye and started an independent studio. (Photos by: Rob Little)

Joseph Harrington.jpg__PID:0e5b3beb-a783-4a29-8a1c-6872b2b09642

Joseph Harrington

Specialism: Glass Cast Sculpture

Joseph Harrington is a sculptor working predominantly in cast glass. He graduated with an MA in Ceramics and Glass from the Royal College of Art in 2006. The main principle within his work is to create a sense of time and movement within a permanent object. Joseph has a fascination with turning one thing into another, the reaction of materials and energies acting upon each other. He has developed a unique working method using ice as a modelling medium. The ice is eroded and sculpted with salt then cast into glass, capturing a moment in time as the ice is melting. This thawing of ice provides a physical time frame to work within, heightening the importance of artistic judgment and decision-making.


Kathryn Wightman

Specialism: Glass Tapestry and Blown Glass Forms

Wightman’s work evidences a fascination of process and materiality explored through the exploitation of illusory imagery. She utilizes glass to mimic textile surfaces, which aim to challenge the viewer’s sense of reality. Hybrid decorative patterns are deconstructed to create multiple layered compositions. Each layer is stacked to add depth, allowing the patterned forms to grow from the surface of the glass. Wightman obtained her BA and MA from University of Sunderland (UK). In 2011 she completed Ph.D. research (University of Sunderland, UK) focusing upon the development and application of creative printmaking processes for the decoration of blown glass. She recently relocated to New Zealand to teach at The Wanganui Glass School.


Mikyoung Jung

Specialism: Glass Cast Sculpture

Mikyoung Jung originally from South Korea, graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from Namseoul University (South Korea) in 2005, majoring in glass. She earned her Masters in glass with distinction at the University of Sunderland, U.K. in 2007. She then moved to Australia to continue her research and started her PhD in Visual Art at Sydney College of the Arts, developing a new range of glass artwork. Mikyoung’s work reflects her experiences of living abroad, from different landscapes to alternative cultures, and the way in which these experiences have affected her.


Miriam Di Fiore

Specialism: Kiln Formed Landscapes

Manda has been a bead maker since 2005. Developing her business Mango Beads, she has built a unique body of work and is well known for her eclectic use of colour. Much of her work is cabochon-based and her Harlequin and Sundial designs, sold as pendants and ring toppers have become very collectable. Manda is an internationally acclaimed lampwork instructor; the classes and workshops she gives have awakened a passion for teaching she never knew she had. The opportunity to share her skills with others perhaps just beginning their journey in lampwork is a constant reminder of how lucky she is to have discovered beadmaking and the joy it brings with it.

Nancy Sutcliffe.jpg__PID:ca1c6872-b2b0-4642-9a6d-a963b18378b3

Nancy Sutcliffe

Specialism: Glass Engraving

After a degree in Design, specialising in Scientific and Medical Illustration, Nancy worked in publishing and a large teaching hospital before discovering glass. Engraving, gilding and painting are the key elements in her artistic practice. Using diamond and stone bits, Nancy engraves on glass, this medium allows for deep carving into the glass, catching the light and giving form to the figures.

Nancy Sutcliffe Main.jpg__PID:0541e77b-2047-4a1e-839b-260215459c05
Nancy Banner 155x85.jpg__PID:e77b2047-0a1e-439b-a602-15459c050590
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Nathan Sandberg

Specialism: Vitrigraph Murrine

Artist and educator, Nathan Sandberg is based in Portland, Oregon. After working in the Research & Education department at Bullseye Glass Company for 8 years, he started Nathans LLC in 2012 and has established himself as one of the top kiln glass educators teaching today. From Santa Fe to Zurich and Australia to Norway, Nathan is usually somewhere on the planet presenting fresh, innovative ideas at a wide range of studios, schools and art centres. He is widely credited as the pioneer of the modern Vitrigraph method which he began to develop at the Bullseye Factory in 2009 and has since taken to unprecedented levels of control.

Nathan Sandberg Main.jpg__PID:20470a1e-839b-4602-9545-9c0505902991
Rowan van der Holt.jpg__PID:b2b09642-5a6d-4963-b183-78b3f6f697c7

Rowan van der Holt

Specialism: Flamework Sculpture

Working out of her studio in the South West of England, Rowan's work enjoys the movement that is found in form. Lampworking or Flameworking the glass within the flame of a very hot torch, she blends a wonderful palette of colour and teases the sculpture into being. Rowan's work includes small studies of the human figure, delicate and intricately detailed flowers, symbolic plants and fruits, birds, and other flora and fauna themes. Her work has been exhibited in England, USA, Japan and Luxembourg. Of note, Rowan's work has exhibited at the British Glass Biennale, at London Glassblowing and at Glastonbury Abbey. She was awarded "Best in Show" in 2012 for her Medallion in a Contemporary Glass Society exhibit.

Rowan van der Holt Main.jpg__PID:839b2602-1545-4c05-8590-29919d02368a

Rudi Gritsch

Specialism: Glass Casting & Innovation

Rudi Gritsch is an internationally-renowned artist and master of kilnformed glass processes. He received his initial training in glass painting and restoration, earning a Master’s Certificate in 1982 and establishing his own glass studio in 1989. Since then he has realised several major architectural glass commissions and his work can be found in private, public and museum collections worldwide. In 1992-93, he was Artist in Residence at Bullseye Glass, as well as the Head of Research & Development. He completed an additional residency at Bullseye Glass between 2012-2014. Gritsch spent over 40 years researching the behaviour, character, and aesthetics of glass and 20 years as Head of the Kilnforming Department at the HTL Glasfachschule in Austria. He exhibits, teaches and speaks internationally.

Simon Bruntnell.jpg__PID:5a6da963-b183-48b3-b6f6-97c7645dedcd

Simon Bruntnell

Specialism: Glass Photography

Simon is a photographer based in the UK who gained an international reputation for his images of contemporary glass. From Simon's website: "The photographic image of a work of art reaches a much wider audience than the physical piece itself. The relationship between the artist, the photographer, and their respective media is therefore a crucial one; doubly so when the artefact is formed from glass. Simon has, during his career to date, developed into the specialist in this field bar none. The quality of his images is the result of an ability to work with the artist in developing an understanding of and approach to each object that has resulted in images that have been reproduced and deservedly appreciated worldwide." Artwork made by Georgia Redpath.


Tanya Veit

Specialism: Dichroic Glass Jewellery

Tanya Veit is a fused glass internet sensation and big personality amongst glass enthusiasts. Known for her intricate dichroic designs, she owns and runs AAE glass. Based in Florida and specialising in jewellery, she has taught her techniques for creating these eye-catching pieces worldwide.