Flame Working & Bead Making

Flame Working & Bead Making

Lamp-working, torch-working or flame-working glass is the process used for glass bead making. At Warm Glass, we stock a wide range of coloured Bullseye rods suitable for glass bead making. 

Flame-working has been used to make glass beads for more than 2,000 years and glass beads have been used for everything from glass jewellery to currency.

There are various techniques for glass bead making, a popular method produces "wound" glass beads, so-called because the glass rods are heated in the flame and the molten glass was wound onto a rod.

Lamp-working is a perfect accompaniment to kiln glass work, so why not give it a try? We stock all the tools required for glass bead making including:

Bullseye glass rods are drawn from Bullseye's exciting vibrant glass range; therefore the glass rods can also be used for fusing, casting and slumping. Rods measure about 45cm long.