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Tip Set for Glassline Pens

Price £7.75 Inc VAT (£6.46 ex VAT)

3.8 out of 5 stars (13 Customer Reviews)
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Ref: CN90172010 Stock Status: More than 10 in stock
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Product Information

These tips can be placed on the end of the Glassline applicator bottles to achieve a variety of line widths. This tip set holds three different sizes allowing for a number of degrees of accuracy, and a needle for keeping the tips clean. 

The following size tips are included:

  • Bold
  • Medium
  • Fine
Also works with enamels. 

Product Reviews
3.8 out of 5 stars
2 out of 5 stars Friday 04 December, 2020 By Frances Walley - See all my reviews
Extremely frustrating to use as they frequently block up and are very difficult to clean. The bottles of Glassline are not ergonomically friendly and it is difficult to keep a consistent pressure when drawing.
Very disappointing. More pins should be supplied to assist with freeing up the hole in the nib as they are very fine pins and difficult to obtain. In short a good idea, but further design research needed to obtain an effective product that is fit for purpose.

4 out of 5 stars Wednesday 20 May, 2020 By Christine Jeffryes - See all my reviews
I have bought several sets of these. Being able to buy the nib sizes individually would be perfect. Unfortunately the fine nibs never work for long, as they block so quickly and then seem to be impossible to clean out. Extra pins, particularly for the fine nibs would also be very helpful as they've snapped when I've tried to use them to clear the nibs. Overall though I love this product.
4 out of 5 stars Monday 27 April, 2020 By Michelle Jardine
I love working with these paints, especially with the fine nib. The paints can vary in viscosity which makes fine lines with runny paints difficult, thick paints can easily be watered down. The only problem I have encountered is that one of the fine nibs has become blacked with a very small piece of metal from the metallised paints and no amount of poking will dislodge it.
4 out of 5 stars Tuesday 28 January, 2020 By Hilary March - See all my reviews
I have bought several of these sets but have never been able to get the fine nib to work at all. However, I get along fine with the other two nibs, and I am happy to buy at this realistic price.
5 out of 5 stars Thursday 31 March, 2016 By Wendi Trasmundi
I love glass line pens and the metal nib sets. I trained as a traditional stained glass painter and though these enamels give a different effect to traditional painting, I find them quick and easy to use and give you the freedom to produce free style art work. Old guitar strings are the best thing for unblocking the bottles and the nibs!
4 out of 5 stars Monday 14 March, 2016 By Ann Gell - See all my reviews
I'm happy to buy more of these. I bought some of the new ready to use tips but they leak and my students don't like them so moving back to the old ones. Like the other correspondents I don't find the fine easy to keep unblocked.
4 out of 5 stars Friday 11 March, 2016 By Alec Makinson - See all my reviews
Use these tips a lot ................. but I agree, it would be better if you could buy the tips by size, as I use the finer tips much more. It would also be handy to supply extra beaded top pins, especially for the fine tip as I can seem to buy that size of pin anywhere else. Thanks
4 out of 5 stars Sunday 14 February, 2016 By Barbara Gray - See all my reviews
Love the versatility of this product, hate the unblocking but have learnt to put dressmaking pins (the ones with a bead on top) in after use to reduce the problem. Endorse other comments would like to be able to buy tips by size.
4 out of 5 stars Monday 18 May, 2015 By Tlws Johnson - See all my reviews
Why do the labels wear out before all the Glassline is used up? I have had to remark mine with waterproof pen so I know which ones I am using
3 out of 5 stars Wednesday 19 November, 2014 By Tlws Johnson - See all my reviews
I have lost and/or broken the fine pin for the fine nib. The nibs are blocked and I cannot find pins to unblock them. Please tell me where I can get a supply of these fine pins as all my fine nibs are now useless. Apart from this niggle I love using this product.

Warm Glass UK - we find that that a staple from a stapler works great (mini staples for the finest nib) also pins and fine needles work.
4 out of 5 stars Friday 06 December, 2013 By Tania Grey - See all my reviews
I too wish you would sell the bold nibs in quantity, they are by far the easiest to use and give the best flow. The very fine nibseems to be constantly blocked even if the contents are heavily watered down. These are essential though if you wish to have fine lines in your work.
3 out of 5 stars Monday 04 November, 2013 By Tlws Johnson
I find the bold tip ideal for drawing though my hand starts to shake after a while. I am concentrating on the drawing and squeezing the bottle at the same time. Two opposing actions play havoc with my muscles. I recently finished two large panels with spring flowers which I could not have done without Glassline. I wish you sold the bold nib in quantities, so that I can have a nib for each colour I am using.
5 out of 5 stars Friday 14 October, 2011 By Amy Barwich
I'm really happy with these. I use them with the black glass line pen and write poetry onto pieces it works really well. It's like decorating a cake!

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