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Clear Glass Projects

Clear Glass Projects

Get inspired by the unique ability of clear glass to interact with light and accentuate colour highlights.

Download these free project sheets and start experimenting.

What you need for each project:

Textured Rod Bowl:
Bullseye Clear Rods (1101)  •  Mould 8136  •  Mosaic Cutters  •  Kiln Wash
Dots Bowl: 
Bullseye 3mm Clear Tekta (1100.38)  •  Fusing Dots  •  Mould 8136  •  Glastac Gel  •  Kiln Wash
Optional: Millefiori or Murrine Cane  •  Circle Cutter  •  Mosaic Cutters 
Linear Reaction Plate:
1mm Turquoise Blue Stingers  •  2mm Turquoise Blue Stingers  •  1mm Clear Stringer  •  2mm Clear Stringer  •  Bullseye 3mm Clear Tekta (1100.38)  •  3mm Reactive Cloud Opal (0009.30)  •  3mm Reactive Ice Clear (1009.30)  •  Mould 8034


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