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Taurus 3 Ring Saw - CE markedTaurus 3 Ring Saw - CE markedTaurus 3 Ring Saw

Taurus 3 Ring Saw - CE marked

Price £610.00 Inc VAT (£508.33 ex VAT)

5 out of 5 stars (12 Customer Reviews)

All prices include VAT.

Ref: IT84641000 Stock Status: Out of Stock
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Product Information
Taurus 3 Ringsaw by Gemini.
The Taurus 3 ringsaw we sell is CE marked and complies with EU safety requirements; we don't charge you any more for this than non-CE marked versions that are sold elsewhere as we feel your safety is essential.
This is simply one of the best glass saws on the market, capable of sawing a wide range of materials including glass, marble, stone, brick, tile, plexiglass, gold, silver, bronze, aluminium, stainless steel and porcelain.  
Unlike a band saw, each ring blade has a 360 degree cutting surface (with the exception of the slicer blade), which means it can cut in any direction, so there is no need to keep turning the glass to cut curves or corners.  Please see the video below for a demonstration of how this fabulous piece of kit works.  The Taurus 3 has an integral water cooling system, and a very helpful spot light directly over the cutting blade.  This model comes with a standard ring blade (suitable for cutting Art Glass up to 3mm thick), and we also stock a variety of different blades to suit all your cutting needs.
Another great thing about this saw it that it can not only be used as a work surface unit, but it also converts to a hand-held unit, so you can choose whether to bring the glass to the saw, or the saw to the glass.  All in all, The Taurus 3 is a great addition to any studio.
Warm Glass TipTaurus advise gluing your pattern with clear liquid cement such as Elmer's Rubber Cement then coating the top of the pattern with the same glue. We have found that drawing the pattern onto the glass with a Sharpie Oil Paint Marker works quite well. Alternatively our customers have told us that using a standard Sharpie pen and coating the design with Vaseline works sufficiently. The idea is to try to keep the water from washing away your design as you cut.
An example of work using the Taurus 3 ring saw (from our 'Dichroic Secrets' class):
dragonfly cut using Taurus 3 Ringsaw


Features include:

  • 1 Standard Ring Blade (installed)

  • Integrated spot light which surrounds the blade while the saw is on.

  • Removable face shield

  • 1 Instructional DVD as well as a written instruction manual

  • Integral water cooling system

  • 230 V, 50 HZ

  • Worktop: 400 x 300 mm

  • Ring diameter 14.6 cm

  • CE marked

The Taurus 3 as a hand saw:

Taurus 3 as a hand saw

One year warranty on the motor and construction parts. 

There is no warranty on the blades or rotating parts. So keep in mind the “golden rule” to let the saw do the cutting and do not force the material.

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Product Reviews
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 11 September, 2019 By Eleanor Woodsford - See all my reviews
I wasn't sure about paying so much for this but I am glad I did. I am fairly new to glass and wanted to be able to cut unusual shapes. The saw is so easy to use, cutting through glass like a knife through butter. I thought that it would be difficult to clean but it is very straightforward. I think the purchase of a narrower blade will be necessary in order to cut really intricate shapes, but the standard blade is adequate. Do watch the video... very informative and amusing.
5 out of 5 stars Tuesday 26 September, 2017 By Fiona Burton - See all my reviews
I wish I had got this sooner. I hesitated because of the initial outlay, but it is worth every penny. Easy to set up and very easy to use. It opens up so many creative opportunities and is invaluable if you struggle with arthritis. Even my husband (whose nickname is 'Gadget Man'!) was impressed.
5 out of 5 stars Tuesday 26 September, 2017 By Laura Schlotel
I hate to follow the crowd, but I have to agree with everyone else, this ring saw is just brilliant.
Set up, with the aid of the easy to follow manual was so simple, I thought I must have missed something and was nervous about turning it on. The DVD is also very good - giving clear instruction and is very entertaining. After just a couple of attempts I managed to cut out an indented Christmas tree, with great results. The blade cuts through glass as if it were butter and the saw is easy to remove after use.
I had to wait a couple of days before I could really use it, as I didn't realise I needed liquid cement to stick a template to the glass. I tried drawing my design on the glass with a Sharpie pen, but the water just washed it away. The only other thing I would say is make sure you push your sleeves up, otherwise they will get very soggy!
Expensive, but worth every penny for the possibilities it opens up. Just wish I'd bought one sooner.
5 out of 5 stars Friday 28 October, 2016 By Caroline Cross - See all my reviews
Amazing tool. So easy to use. The blade cuts really effectively and in all directions. Took a few attempts before I got the hang of it but am looking forward to cutting lots more shapes in the future.
5 out of 5 stars Friday 25 September, 2015 By Jill Chadwick
Great addition to my studio. Now at last I can cut all those complicated little shapes !
Saw was easy and intuitive to set up and use and was delivered with Warm Glass's usual efficiency.
Thank you
5 out of 5 stars Monday 17 August, 2015 By Lorna Burrell - See all my reviews
Just bought this saw's brilliant. So easy to use and clean I just cant wait to get cutting out more intricate shapes. The 360 blade makes cutting so simple and there are no ruined pieces as you try to make tight turns as with a traditional band saw. I know this saw and I are going to be best buddies for some time to come :-)
5 out of 5 stars Sunday 09 August, 2015 By Anne Hertz - See all my reviews
This is a great product! It is brilliant for cutting designs that would be impossible to cut by hand as well as for cutting letters, numbers and kid's stuff. Used one like it in a workshop and just had to get my own.
5 out of 5 stars Saturday 21 March, 2015 By anne stuart - See all my reviews
This has been a brilliant addition to my studio. The DVD is informative and entertaining, and makes setting up and using the saw for the first time easy. From the start I have had good results, this has allowed me to cut intricate shapes that would be impossible by hand.
5 out of 5 stars Sunday 24 November, 2013 By Jane Kennedy
Wow! I love this saw, easy to use and opens up so many more creative opportunities... I can't wait to explore them all.
5 out of 5 stars Thursday 15 August, 2013 By linda wood - See all my reviews
Took delivery of this today and I love it. This is going to make things so much more interesting. Very easy to use not as scary as I thought. Very helpful DVD provided with a step by step guide to installing using and maintenance. I have this set up in my studio room. I was slightly worried that it was going to be too loud but it is only about the same as a grinder. Very safe and easy to use. Well worth the money.
5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 27 June, 2012 By Susan McLaren - See all my reviews
I absolutely love this product. It has added a new dimension to my work. It is quite noisy, but you get used to it. I've only just got it, but will post some photos of a panel I made (poppies) on facebook or twitter.
5 out of 5 stars Saturday 10 March, 2012 By Nathan Thesen
This is the best piece of equipment that I have bought. It is easy to use, safe and allows me to cut all sorts of unusual shapes.

The blades last quite a long time as well. If I had to say a drawback, I would say it is quite noisy so I use earmuffs in the studio when I am using it but otherwise its brilliant.

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