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Skutt Firebox 14 Glass Kiln - FREE UK SHIPPING & 2 YEAR WARRANTY

Price:£1,049.00 Inc VAT (£874.17 Ex VAT)
5 out of 5 stars Thursday 15 September, 2011 By Judith Hannington - See all my reviews
I upgraded from my Paragon SC2b to a Firebox 14 because I needed a kiln with more shelf space for my glass fusing but still wanted a low-cost to run, not too large kiln due to space limitations. I also still wanted the option of annealing my lampwork beads straight from the flame. The programmer is great - all the pre-programmed factory settings have been successful with only a little tweaking of top temperature and hold times and programming your own firing / annealing cycles is straightforward. I am really pleased that I have moved from a front to a top-loading kiln as it means I can arrange small design elements on coasters, tiles and dishes in situ with ease. I also find the heat much more uniform across the kiln shelf which means that I can fill the kiln almost to the edges of the shelf - I do find that nine coasters (as the brochure recommends) is too much with too little space between but this is a minor detail. The contact I had with Warm Glass prior to purchasing my kiln was exceptionally helpful - they were happy to answer even my most silliest of questions which was great when thinking about spending this sort of money. I felt like I was making an informed decision and one that has proved correct - I would not hesitate in recommending the Firebox 14 kiln and Warm Glass to others.