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Restricted Purchase – Why?

Baghouse Filter

UPDATE: Bullseye Glass has today (27th June 2017) announced that it can, with immediate effect resume full production of all glass styles - expected to be available from us again in October/November 2017.

Today, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality approved Bullseye’s request for an allowance to use chromium in their manufacturing process. The allowance is sufficient to manufacture the complete line of glass at full production levels, effective immediately. These glasses are expected to be available in the UK by October 2017. In the meantime, thirteen non-chrome greens are in full production right now. We're also back up to full production with our red, yellow and orange glasses. - Bullseye Glass Co., 27th June 2017

Bullseye Glass is based in Portland, Oregon. In 2016 Oregon's Environmental Quality Commission rapidly introduced strict new environmental standards for Portland; the speed of this action placed extreme pressure on the glass factories in Portland resulting in Uroboros closing and Spectrum relocating to Mexico.

Bullseye Glass made a commitment to reach full compliance with the new standards by launching an ambitious investment programme, developing baghouse filtration on all the furnaces and developing new colour ranges which do not use specific materials.

The new standards relate to the manufacturing process and therefore product safety is not in question. However, we are experiencing supply delays regarding 12 specific colours and this is expected to continue to Autumn 2017. These styles have been restricted to allow us to maintain supply until new stock is made available.

The 12 restricted styles are currently:


  • 1107 Light Green
  • 1112 Aventurine Green
  • 1145 Kelly Green
  • 1408 Light Aquamarine Blue
  • 1412 Light Aventurine Green
  • 1417 Emerald Green
  • 1426 Spring Green


  • 0108 Powder Blue
  • 0112 Mint Green
  • 0312 Pea Pod Green
  • 0126 Spring Green
  • 0100 Black - frit only

This list will be updated as styles become freely available.

Looking for alternatives to using these colours?

Bullseye have launched 13 new chromium-free green glass styles:


  • 1427 Vernal Green Transparent (similar to Spring Green)
  • 1217 Leaf Green Transparent
  • 1126 Lily Pad Green Transparent
  • 1242 Medieval Green Transparent
  • 1247 Light Mineral Green Transparent
  • 1212 Deep Green Transparent
  • 1213 Ginkgo Green Transparent
  • 1422 Lemon Lime Green Transparent


  • 0221 Citronelle Opal
  • 0222 Avocado Green Opal
  • 0223 Mountain Green Opal
  • 0345 Steel Jade Opal
  • 0349 Grey Green Opal

Or take a look at our Innovation Corner page for ideas and inspiration on beating the restriction.

For up to date information from Bullseye Glass please visit​ or email

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