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Restricted Purchase – Why?

Baghouse Filter

UPDATE: Bullseye Glass intends to resume full production of all glass styles in early 2017.

Bullseye Glass is based in Portland, Oregon. In 2016 Oregon's Environmental Quality Commission rapidly introduced strict new environmental standards for Portland; the speed of this action placed extreme pressure on the glass factories in Portland resulting in Uroboros closing and Spectrum relocating to Mexico.

Bullseye Glass made a commitment to reach full compliance with the new standards by launching an ambitious investment programme, developing baghouse filtration on all the furnaces and developing new colour ranges which do not use specific materials.

The new standards relate to the manufacturing process and therefore product safety is not in question. However, we have experienced supply delays regarding 26 specific colours and this is expected to continue to mid 2017. These styles have been restricted to allow us to maintain supply until new stock is made available.

The 26 restricted styles are currently:


  • 1107 Light Green
  • 1112 Aventurine Green
  • 1145 Kelly Green
  • 1408 Light Aquamarine Blue
  • 1412 Light Aventurine Green
  • 1417 Emerald Green
  • 1426 Spring Green
  • 1025 Light Orange Striker
  • 1120 Yellow
  • 1122 Red
  • 1125 Orange
  • 1322 Garnet Red
  • 1320 Marigold Yellow


  • 0108 Powder Blue
  • 0112 Mint Green
  • 0116 Turquoise Blue
  • 0312 Pea Pod Green
  • 0024 Tomato Red
  • 0025 Tangerine Orange
  • 0124 Red
  • 0125 Orange
  • 0126 Spring Green
  • 0220 Sunflower Yellow
  • 0224 Deep Red
  • 0320 Marigold Yellow
  • 0100 Black

This list will be updated as styles become freely available.

Looking for alternatives to using these colours? Take a look at our Innovation Corner page for ideas and inspiration on beating the restriction.

For up to date information from Bullseye Glass please visit or email