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Thinfire Paper helps to achieve a perfect firing every time. Many find it quicker and easier to use than shelf primer.

Good for one use only.

Vacuum residual dust after firing wearing a mask - please see the safety data sheet pdf.

We recommend using a FFP3 Dust Mask when using this product, and cleaning up using a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

Instruction sheet is included.

Every glass studio should have some!

Customer Reviews

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C Twomey

The roll is far more convenient than sheets, as neither fit my kiln peferectly and it is easier to bulk prep from the roll, less waste too so better value. Nice price point too, suits me. Only small issue is the stickers used to keep the roll closed mean a small secion of the top is lost, shame, would be better to use rubber bands I think to avoid waste.

Janice Ashworth

I love thinfire paper ,it's brilliant stuff, but I've marked it down due to the massive increase in price in the 5m roll. I contacted to check why the huge price increase. I was told it was because their courier put the postage price up because if size. But if I collected it from Bristol I would still have to pay the extra. So doesn't make sense. I'm back to using sheets so very inconvenient and wasteful.

WARM GLASS RESPONSE: Hi Janice, Unfortunately we had to increase the cost of the roll in 2019 in order to prevent us making a loss, and still be able to offer free delivery on this staple product. We do not offer discounts on Click and Collect but we do currently give a free glass pack to anyone collecting their order. 20/1/20.

Kate Gibson

I bought a roll at the same time as my kiln and pleased I did. It is very easy to use I cut 6-8 squares for my kiln at a time and keep the remainder rolled up. I have had very little leftover and smaller pieces can be cut up and used very effectively for kiln carving. You need at least 3 layers for this to work.

Pamela Peters

I use this paper every time I load the kilns. Very easy to prep and clean after. We use a hoover as it can be quite hazardous once fired.

I always purchase by the roll, but they seem to run out of stock very quickly.

Alyson Cadman

In itself, a really easy to use way of preparing the kiln & clean away afterwards. Unfortunately. I have a lot of waste as it comes pre cut to unsuitable dimensions. Not everyone wants or can afford the huge rolls. How much better if this be sold in lengths rather than sheets of say 5 or 10 metres please!

Answer from Warm Glass

There are 1mx10m rolls on the website, unfrotunately the rolls are not made in 50mm widths