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Simply use the pens to draw or write your desired pattern, then sprinkle mica powder over the top. After firing, you’ll have your own design or personalisation with a fantastic metallic finish.  Works with copper oxide too (capped).

  • Set includes 1 brush tip pen and 1 bullet tip pen.
  • Pens are 14cm in length.
  • Acid Free/Non Toxic

The ink comes out clear so it is best to trace design through transparent glass. Sprinkle with mica and dust over with a soft dry brush. Fire to a tack fuse. For the crispest result fire uncapped but can be capped if needed.

Try using it with a stencil for crisp, intricate designs.

Customer Reviews

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These are great

I've just bought my second set but the last ones lasted for years! I only used them with Mica at first and drew design with felt tip on the glass first so you can see where you're going. However recently I discovered that they work with powders, I used the pen on French vanilla and then dusted with aventurine blue powder, it sticks just like the mica and what a lovely result! very pleased, wish they did a very fine one though

Anne Stuart

The pens give very good results with mica powder. I've only given it four stars because its quite difficult to see where you have written/drawn as the pens are totally clear.

Lorna Ventry

Just got these recently. Good success as others describe with mica powder. Decided to give copper oxide powder a try. It worked really well. I just used a small scrap of glass, made a wavy design with the fine point pen, pressed it down into copper oxide powder- didn't even need to take it from it's wide jar container, then brushed off the excess. It left a very even covering where the pen had been, and when topped with tekta then fired it produced the nice blue bubbles as expected. I think it will be much more consistent then a sprinkle which can tend to leave clumps of copper oxide.

Jayne H

Used the pens with a stencil. Very easy to use with fantastic results.

Julie Lewis

Chuffed to buy these just before Christmas. They were prefect to add sparkle to many projects.

Love that you don't need to top the mica.

So pleased I managed to get these whilst they were in stock. I'd recommend them to everyone!