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These powders can be used in a variety of ways to create sparkles inside the glass or as a mica lustre in a fused, blown slumped or lamp worked piece of glass.

Use as a powder, or try mixing with Glastac Glue and apply like paint.

Use mica with inclusion pens or flexi-glass for ultimate controllability. 

Mica is a mineral based powder (frequently used in cosmetics). It does not melt at firing temperatures but rather sticks to the molten glass. For best results, use between glass layers.

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Kate Gibson

I have used this mixed with PVA (My husband had 2 litres in the garage) to create sheets of "plastic" that I can then cut out. Use the mica sparingly as my first attempts resulted in bubbles. My latest batch is 1ml mica to 5ml and I think this could still do with more glue. This makes about 1 A4 sheet spread onto the outside of plastification pouches or other clear plastic

Sarah Mc Guinness

This is lovely I used it on blue glass and covered it with a strip of clear it turn out more or less to same as it looks in the jar. Very good product to add a bit glitter to any piece

Linda Hallwood

My first attempt at using the gold mica powder have not been too impressive. The powder is bright and obvious, doesn't just fade away, so no problem with this. I think it is my lack of knowledge about how best to use it. If anyone has tips that would be a great help.