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This metric ruler is 36cm long.

Developed by Rudi Gritsch, the G-Manu Glass Cutting Unit is a great tool to improve your cutting speed and quality. 


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Georgie Bristow

I always love a bit of sparkle....and these are lovely..;)

You do need to keep them away from the edges of the glass. I've not had bubble problems.

I would recommend these!...and as has been get LOADS!!

Katja Gottschewski

These work great in casting! I made an oval pendant, using dark frit as a background, then some gold flakes in clear frit. As the flakes don't lie flat, but "float around" in the clear glass, they are all at different angles and reflect the light in different ways, which looks fantastic.

James Walls

How much????

Seriously this tub is huge, I had no idea how many flakes 50g meant, it is amazing value for money

This was bought specifically for a commission for a golden wedding anniversary and it worked perfectly in my kiln, no problems at all although I did fire it on a lower power to begin with, but no bubbles and no problem.

Did I mention how much you get? Wow, you'll never run out lol

Frank Brook

Completely cover and keep flakes well away from edges. Almost seems to repel glass and try to "crawl" out. Gold tone varies between flakes. Nice under clear. Compared to silver flakes, less effective under pale transparent coloured capping.

Becky Wills

We used these in the Fusing Foundation class last week - usually i am not usually a big fan of mica, but these gold flakes are beautiful, subtle and pretty..especially on French Vanilla opal.