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Dichroic Extract is a powder form of pure dichroic coating. When mixed with water, Glastac Glue or Liquid Stringer it can be painted onto glass to create a piece that is truly unique to you.

This pot contains 1/8th sheet of Pink/Teal Dichroic Extract powder. Compatible with all glass types.

Less is more with this powder, using Dichroic Extract sparingly creates a better result and a tiny amount goes a very long way. If mixing with water, any excess can be allowed to evaporate off to leave the extract ready to use another time.

Dichroic Extract can be used between layers or on top, but please be aware that if you use it on top of the glass some of the extract will rub off. Experiment with sprinkling a fine layer of clear powder over the top before firing to reduce this.

Renowned glass artist Bob Leatherbarrow uses dichroic extract to add subtle shimmer to his fish wafers, which are then inset into a bowl (see second product photo).

Fire using our basic Bullseye firing schedules, for tack fusing, try the following schedule:

Segment 1:

Rate (°C/hr) – 222

Temp (°C) – 677

Hold – 0:30

 Segment 2:

 Rate (°C/hr) – 333

Temp (°C) – 704

Hold – 0:10

 Segment 3:

 Rate (°C/hr) – 999

Temp (°C) – 482

Hold – 2:00

Segment 4:

Rate (°C/hr) – 83

Temp (°C) – 371

Hold – End


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