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Bullseye transparent sheet glass is renowned for its rich colour and transmission of light. A staple of glass fusers and artists worldwide, these sheets are available in a variety of styles and sizes - able to meet the requirements of any project.

Working Notes


Lead, Sulphur

May React With:

Selenium, Sulphur

Cold characteristics:

This style may not reveal (or strike to) its target colour until fired.

Appears close to clear with blue/green tints.

Working Notes:

Colour usually deepens on firing. Possible dark interface reaction with selenium and/or sulphur glasses (0137, 1122, 1125, 0124, 0125, 1137, 1437). Less viscous (softer) than most other glasses. Some gold-bearing striking glasses, like this one, should be fired with a 2 hour hold at 663°C during the initial stages of the firing cycle. If fired without this hold, they may not strike at all, or they may strike but appear spotty and have a blue-brown cast, as opposed to the desired target colour.  This full-fuse schedule should effectively strike these glasses:

Segment 1:

Rate (°C/hr) – *

Temp (°C) – 663

Hold – 2:00

 Segment 2:

 Rate (°C/hr) –333

Temp (°C) – 810

Hold – 0:10

 Segment 3:

 Rate (°C/hr) – 999

Temp (°C) – 482

Hold – **

* The initial rate of heat is not a critical factor in successfully striking gold-bearing glasses. Choose an initial rate of heat appropriate to the scale and design of the project that you are firing.

** Remainder of cycle depends on the thickness of the piece. For colour-sensitive projects, we recommend testing the cycle you plan to use by fusing a small sample of a similar setup in the same kiln as the project to best predict final colour results.

All our glass is COE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).

Customer Reviews

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Jane Baker

Very very very disappointed! This extremely expensive glass, has turned out looking completely clear. I can't see a tint in it at all. I buy a lot of Bullseye glass, but won't be buying this ruby red tint again.

WARM GLASS RESPONSE: This is a striker glass and is very dependant on appropriate heat-work for it to strike. If fired to the specified schedule it will mature to its full colour.

Jenn Gowney

This colour has changed slightly since I bought my previous batches, it's not quite so Pink as I'd like.

Jenn Gowney

I'm aware I'm the only person who's reviewed this but I can't get enough of it! I find there are very few pink colours throughout the glass range but this really is pink not just "close enough, it'll do", it's actually pink! Definitely give it a try.

Jennifer Gowney

The colour is very similar to the picture but is a bit richer in colour, I really like it!