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Bullseye transparent sheet glass is renowned for its rich colour and transmission of light. A staple of glass fusers and artists worldwide, these sheets are available in a variety of styles and sizes - able to meet the requirements of any project.

Working Notes


Selenium, Sulphur

May React With:

Copper, Lead, Silver

Cold characteristics: 

Variations from orange-red to dark red. “Catspaw" windows of lighter colouration typical of single-rolled sheets.  

Working notes:  

This style may not reveal (or strike to) its target colour
until fired.

A cadmium/selenium glass. Generally fires deeper (more red) than cold sheet. “Catspaw" effect disappears on firing.

This style is not suitable for kilncasting because it can opalise and/or become incompatible when held at high temperatures for an extended period.

All our glass is COE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cassie Jourdain

Stunning piece of glass, my dad loves his 25cm x 20cm large coaster as it can fit 2/3 glasses on it!

Tania Le Marinel

Really disappointed. I ordered a sheet of this glass and at least a third of it is plain red so it's totally not as shown in the picture. I understand the design is unique to each sheet but I can't use it for the project I intended as I needed a full sheet of patterned glass (as shown on the website) not a large plain red area. It's not the first patterned glass I've ordered which hasn't looked the same as the website example so be prepared to get sheets that aren't what you want/need.

WARM GLASS RESPONSE: Hi Tania, we are sorry that you were disappointed with your 25x20cm sheet. This size represents approximately 1/8th of a full sheet so, as stated in the description, will not include the full pattern. We want all our customers to be happy with their glass, so our Customer Services Team have contacted you to offer you a refund on this item.

Clare Morvan

Useful to note that this glass is quite stiff and may require a higher fusing temperature/more time. I only realized this when making a coral bowl. Otherwise I have used this glass in multicolored bowls at the normal recommended temperatures and times.

Alex Gaywood

A beautiful, deep red. If you need red in your work you really can't go wrong with this shade!

Kate Webb

Gorgeous vivid red. Its a beautiful shade and transmits light to make it even more striking. I use this a lot.