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Create Your Own: Powder Prints

Price:£46.99 Inc VAT (£39.16 ex VAT)
5 out of 5 stars Monday 29 June, 2015 By Robert Chalmers - See all my reviews
This is a really good starter kit, to get the feeling for "printing" on glass. The glass powder used, that comes in the kit is actually frit. Not to be confused with the drawing enamel powder and mixer that is available elsewhere on the site. This frit is quite coarse in comparison, but strangely enough it does go through the screen. The little screen that is in the kit will also be useful if you decide to go on to actual screen printing. It's just the right size for the supplied stencils. You will need a good work table and sheets of "butchers paper" to lay down, as the powder escapes no matter how hard you try to contain it. Use a good dust mask, you will need it, and don't rub your eyes with the glass dust on your hands. I wouldn't let children handle this at all. It's not suitable.
But for adults and young people who know how to be careful... it's a great exercise. The powder can be laid down on the glass (supplied) in varying thicknesses. The more time you pull the scraper across the screen, the more powder is deposited. You can also mix your colours if you are careful. Because you simply won't get fine detail, and no sharp edges to the prints, you can merge colours like carefully drawing black powder across where some parts go, and then drawing say green across where leaves are for example. The resulting waste powder will be a mix of course, and will need a separate bottle to go in if you want to keep it.
It took me about 10 minutes to set up the first screen and "print" a piece of glass. I then tack fuse it to hold it in place until I get the next stage ready.
You will also need a roll of that brown parcel/masking tape to stick the stencil to the screen. Don't use industrial strength shipping tape - you do want to be able to remove the stencil at the end. Be careful here too, because you will have powder/frit between the stencil and the screen by this stage. Again, be careful removing it, and tipping it back in the bottle. Because it is quite coarse, it flows easily, but also contains finer particles, so be careful.
All in all a great kit to get started with. Make your own stencils. Get more screens. Get lots of different colours.
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