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Pantone announce their Colour of the Year 2014

Posted on 7th January 2014
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Colour trends are an important consideration for designers in all disciplines, and one good indicator of the fashionable colours for the year ahead is the Pantone® Colour of the Year.

This year it looks like dusky pinks, lavenders and purples will be in vogue, as Pantone® announced ‘Radiant Orchid’ as their colour for 2014; a vibrant yet alluring shade which embraces the pink side of purple over the blue, giving it a warmth and radiance. 

Pinks and purples look great in glass work and are complimented by soft greys, marine blues and mineral greens, so when you are planning your colour palette for the upcoming year, consider the following shades from Bullseye:

0301 – Pink Opal: A striker which fires to a deeper, even pink with dusky overtones.

Neo Lavender Bullseye Glass0142 – Neo Lavender Shift : This opal hits this trend perfectly, and is a consistently popular colour due to its multifaceted nature- the hues of this colour change depending on thickness and lighting, giving it depth and interest; also available as a transparent (1442).
Dusty lilac Bullseye glass 03030303 – Dusty Lilac: Another opal which compliments Pink and Neo Lavender perfectly.
Light Violet 1428 Bullseye glass1428 – Light Violet: For a more subtle shade, try this transparent. Layer it up for a stronger hue.
Violet Striker Bullseye glass 12341234 – Violet Striker: To accentuate the purple side, this transparent is strong and vibrant and compliments Neo Lavender nicely.
Ruby Pink Bullseye Glass Tint 1831Fuschia Bullseye Glass Tint 1932
1831 (Ruby Pink Tint Striker) and 1932 (Fuchsia Tint) both work well as subtle overlays of purple-pink to bring out these tones in the shades beneath.
Greys, Greens and Blues
Khaki Bullseye GlassElephant Grey Bullseye GlassDriftwood Grey Bullseye GlassOlive Green Transparent Bullseye GlassArtichoke Bullseye GlassMineral Green Bullseye GlassAquamarine Blue Bullseye GlassPeriwinkle Opal Bullseye GlassSteel Blue Opal Bullseye Glass
Greys - 1439, 0206, 0132: Pink-purples work well to bring colour to neutral greys, or vice versa to calm the strength of the purple hue.
Greens - 1141, 0131, 0117: Mineral shades work best to compliment pinkish purples.
Blues - 1108, 0118, 0146: Marine blues accentuate the soft pink when used in moderation.
For a quick mix of these shades, or simply for inspiration, take a look at fracture-streamers 4110, 4116 or 4128.
Bullseye Glass Fracture StreamerBullseye Glass Fracture Streamer

-        Kirsty


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