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Over Glaze Super Solution 8oz (Devit Spray)

Price £23.99 Inc VAT (£19.99 ex VAT)

3.8 out of 5 stars (4 Customer Reviews)

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Ref: US35069900 Stock Status: Out of Stock
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Product Information

A very low-lead over-glaze that prevents surface devitrification of kiln-fired glass projects and is safe for food bearing surfaces. Excellent for use with colour glass and enamel colours where there is a risk of devitrification.

Spray or brush a liberal, uniform application onto exposed pieces of glass before firing. Fire your work to 730° C - 920° C  (1300-1700° F) for a glossy shine.   

Super Spray can be brushed or sprayed but is not supplied with a spray trigger.

Glass devitrification is the process by which molten glass becomes crystalline as it cools, producing a milky appearance. Devitrification can be removed by sandblasting or cold working, or by applying a very thn layer of Clear glass powder (1101.08) over the top and firing to 780C (see the Quick Tip: Fix Surface Flaws tip sheet).

Super Spray can also be used hold mica to the surface of glass and can be used with glass paints to guarantee a shiny surface.

Size: 8oz
How does this differ from other similar products? This is what the supplier of both Super Spray and Clear Coat has told us:

"Super Spray is used mainly on colored glass, Bullseye in particular. It is a low melting clear glass powder that creates a cap to keep oxygen away from the base glass thus eliminating devit. (Devit requires time, temperature and oxygen). Clear Coat is used mainly on float/window glass. It is a chemical flux that bonds with the surface of the base glass to create a new micron thin glass that resists crystal growth (devit.) 

They are two very different products that both solve the same problem. Clear Coat can be used on colored glass, but based on what my heavy production customers prefer, I would stay with Super Spray for the Bullseye and Clear Coat for window glass."


Product Reviews
3.8 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars Saturday 09 September, 2017 By Lena Eriksson - See all my reviews
I have used this a lot, I apply it with a brush and allowing it to dry before I fuse the glass again and it really takes away devitrification so the glass will be glossy and fine again, but you should be careful not to get Over Glaze Super Solution on the underside of the glass beucuse then it will be a ugly white coating on it when it is fused.
2 out of 5 stars Friday 28 April, 2017 By Fiona Dean
I have just used this product and found it very disappointing. I do not think that the instructions are adequate. It does no t suggest a concentration as a spray nor does it recommend a thickness as a paint on. More firing information would be helpful. Should signs of de vitrification already on the glass be rubbed off first?
5 out of 5 stars Tuesday 27 September, 2016 By Jenny Palmer
Works really well, just needs applying with a paintbrush. Can be used on float glass
3 out of 5 stars Saturday 30 April, 2016 By jules brett
Have not used product yet, does not seem to come with trigger spray device! Should it being a spray?

Warm Glass - Despite being called 'Super Spray' this is not necessarily a spray and is not supplied with a trigger spray... Our apologies

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