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Switching to Bullseye Glass

New to Bullseye Glass?

We have received many enquiries recently from potential customers asking how easy it is to switch to Bullseye Glass. 

The answer is, it is very easy! 

Supported by a wealth of technical information and with our friendly team on hand to guide you through the transition, we are confident that the move will be smooth and you will not be disappointed with everything that Bullseye and Warm Glass can jointly offer. Warm Glass UK are proud to be the largest European supplier of Bullseye Glass and the UK's only Bullseye Preferred Partner. We have extensive knowledge of our products which we are always happy to share with our customers. Bullseye Glass is a very popular art glass which is high quality, guaranteed compatible and available in an extensive range of colours and compatible products.

So what can Warm Glass offer you?

  • Low Prices: 3mm Tekta clear base glass is cheaper per Sq.M than the Spectrum Icicle alternative.
  • Loyalty Discounts: We provide ongoing discounts for our most loyal customers. See our Discounts page for details.
  • Large Stock: We have 3 modern warehouses and receive regular deliveries from Bullseye in the USA.
  • Best Range: We offer the largest range of Bullseye glass styles in the UK, all with guaranteed CoE 90 compatibility.
  • Increased Capacity for more Orders: We are installing a new Warehousing system which once implemented, we are confident can handle significantly more orders than we already process.
  • Unrivalled Technical Support: Telephone Helpline and online Knowledge Base with firing schedules, tips and video tutorials.
  • Low Cost, Fast Delivery: Free delivery available on UK orders over £40 and only £9.95 for up to 30kgs to most mainland Europe destinations. Always well packed and processed quickly.

Here are answers to some of the questions those interested in switching to Bullseye Glass ask most frequently:

  • Q: Is Bullseye Glass the same as Spectrum or Uroboros?

    A:  In most respects Bullseye Glass is very similar to these other makes of glass. Like Uroboros, Bullseye Glass is hand-rolled in the USA. You can work with it in the same way as Spectrum and Uroboros, but because it is CoE90 rather than CoE96, they can't be used together.  The firing schedules you use for Bullseye are slightly different for this reason.


  • Q: Can I use my System 96 frits and powders with Bullseye Glass?

    A:  No, Bullseye Glass is CoE90, not CoE96 so has a different expansion rate to System 96. However, all Bullseye Glass styles and the accessories we stock can be used with each other without any problem.


  • Q: Do Bullseye offer a low cost clear base glass?

    A:  Yes, Bullseye Tekta is a quality, low cost base glass available in 3mm, 4mm and 6mm thicknesses. We offer Tekta in many different sizes, as well as our popular Mega Tekta Saver Packs.


  • Q: Can I use my decals with Bullseye Glass?

    A:  Yes, absolutely. You can use your decals, Glassline pens, enamels, mica etc with Bullseye Glass.


  • Q: Do I have to make any changes to my kiln?

    A:  The only change you would need to make is to use slightly different firing schedules.  Take a look at our Kiln Schedules page for our basic Bullseye firing schedules. Programming glass kilns is simple, and videos on how to do this can be viewed on our Video Tutorials page. We also have firing schedules for each mould and decal we sell, just look at the product page for all the information you need. If you need any further help then please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Q: Is Bullseye Glass suitable for casting as well as fusing?

    A:  Yes, all our glass is CoE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description). We also stock Bullseye rods suitable for torch-working.


  • Q: Does Bullseye Glass have a good range of colours to choose from?

    A:  Bullseye has a huge range of over 100 basic glass styles, including their low cost base glass called Tekta, as well as many beautiful decorative styles. These base colours are available in 2mm and 3mm sheet glass, and most are also available as powders, frits, billet, stringers, rods and confetti. We also stock Bullseye compatible CBS Dichroic glass, millefiori and murrine.


  • Q: Is the Bullseye Glass Co. going to continue trading?

    A: Uroboros Glass (who produce many of the Spectrum 96 colours) have announced that they will close their manufacturing operations in early 2017. This follows an announcement from Spectrum Glass earlier in 2016 that they will be selling their business. This is clearly bad news for the art glass market at a time when producers are being presented with many challenges, but we are feeling optimistic as there is good news as well. ​Bullseye Glass have quickly and consistently responded to all new regulations and requirements in a very proactive manner. They have invested extensive time and money into making sure they remain in a position to move forward successfully, cleanly and in cooperation with all regulations and are totally committed to being here for the long term.  It has been a challenging year, but we strongly believe that Bullseye will emerge a better company for it. They are currently focusing on dialling in the filtration process, filtering the rest of the line one furnaces, making the best fusible glass, and looking forward to responding to customers’ needs in this changing market.  We support them whole-heartedly and are delighted to be their preferred partner in the UK and Europe’s largest Bullseye Glass distributor.


  • Q: Isn't Bullseye Glass more difficult to cut?

    A:  We have never found Bullseye Glass difficult to cut. We sell Toyo Glass Cutters which, as well as being one of the lower priced glass cutters on the market, is excellent for cutting Bullseye Glass. For more help on glass cutting take a look at the Bullseye Tipsheet 'Improve Your Cutting'.


  • Q: I have heard Bullseye Glass is more expensive then Spectrum, is this true?

    A:  Following a recent cost analysis of UK prices we can assure you that in almost all cases Bullseye Glass is cheaper per square cm than the Spectrum equivalent. On top of this we offer frequent sales and Loyalty Discounts for our customers.


  • Q: What is a Striker Glass?

    A:  You will see on some of the glass descriptions that the glass style is a 'Striker'. This means that while the unfired sheet may appear pale or mottled, it will reach its target colour upon firing. The product image will show what the glass sheet will look like before and after firing.


  • Q: How do I know if the products on your site are Bullseye compatible?

    A:  We want our customers to be able to buy with confidence, so all our glass is CoE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for warm glass applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).​


  • Q: Where can I get help using Bullseye Glass?

    A:  We have lots of useful information on our website, both in the details of the individual products and in our comprehensive Knowledge Base. If you can't find the information you need then we are here to help you. Just contact us.


Want to know more? Just call us on 01934 863344, or contact us. We are here to help. Come and join us!

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Company Reg No. 5365166. VAT No. 791350132