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Morton Teeny Circle Glass Cutter

Price:£22.33 Inc VAT (£18.61 ex VAT)
4 out of 5 stars Friday 04 April, 2014 By Robert Chalmers - See all my reviews
This is a really handy piece of kit. It comes with a LOT of spare bits, which will take some figuring out. It's not actually as simple as it looks in this picture, but having said that, it's pretty easy to use once you work out what it all is. What I can't yet master is actually getting the circles to separate, without the whole sheet splitting all over the place. This is a real art. You will use a lot of glass practicing. I think I have managed to get one circle so far, and gone through a stack of glass in the process. Oddly, ordinary float glass works ok - but Bullseye glass ... nope. So don't expect to be cutting perfect circles on day one out of Bullseye glass.
The turntable is hard to move so that you can push it around to make the circle cut, because there is nothing to hold on to. You have to get your nails under one edge and move it around in multiple stages. Also, because the turntable is square - the corners catch on the bracket mount if you haven't checked for that obstruction. In short, it does work ok, but if you get frustrated easily - just buy pre-cut circles.
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