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Kilncare Hobbyfuser Drop Out Glass Kiln -Exclusive to Warm GlassProfuser Glass Kiln logo

Kilncare Hobbyfuser Drop Out Glass Kiln -Exclusive to Warm Glass

Price £2,234.00 Inc VAT (£1,861.67 ex VAT)

4.8 out of 5 stars (5 Customer Reviews)

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Ref: GB85141080
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Product Information
Kilncare Kiln - Hobbyfuser Drop Out  glass kiln with digital programmer - Exclusive to Warm Glass UK. FREE UK Shipping. Internal Dimensions: 41.5cm x 41.5cm x 27.5cm (LxWxH) 

The estimated delivery time for this kiln is approximately 3-4 weeks, we will contact you with any updates.

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glass kiln warranty4 year manufacturer's warranty - including elements

We're excited to introduce the new Kilncare Hobbyfuser Drop Out Kiln, exclusive to Warm Glass UK.  The Kilncare Hobbyfuser Drop Out kiln has been designed in conjunction with Warm Glass UK and is an ideal kiln for making 'drop-outs'.  This kiln has exactly the same build and high attention to detail as the hugely popular Kilncare Hobbyfuser 3 but has been designed in such a way that enables you to remove a level of bricks from the base to make the kiln 75mm deeper.  This gives you the flexibility to use the Hobbyfuser Drop Out kiln in the same way that you would the Hobbyfuser 3 for glass fusing, glass slumping and casting with incredible efficiency, but also to make it deeper to master the art of fused glass 'drop-outs'.  

This kiln also has the added benefit of a drop out viewing hole with door, so you can easily inspect your drop-out visually during firing without opening the lid.

Manufactured in the UK, the solid build and high attention to detail in the design makes it one of the best and biggest new plug-in kilns on the market. Free 4 year manufacturer's warranty.  This is the largest plug-in kiln we sell. 

We provide full technical support for as long as you need it, as well as firing schedules.

Drop Outs 


Kiln Elements

This Kilncare kiln is equipped with high performance, hard-wearing infra-red quartz elements and well-designed insulation.  The elements are located in the lid for even heating; this also makes them easy to replace if required.  The elements are switched off when the lid is opened by an automatic safety switch.


The lid is made from stainless steel: powder coated and oven baked.  It is lined out with press cut, non-ceramic fibre.  This eliminates the risk of brick dust particles dropping from the lid, making for a very clean firing environment. The lid construction enables the Hobbyfuser Drop Out to retain the heat when needed but still release heat rapidly during the all-important cool-down period.

The lifting and closing of the lid is a single finger operation thanks to a pair of specifically manufactured and designed Stainless Steel coil springs at the rear of the kiln.  There are also two handles for left or right hand lifting and a new design of catch to hold the lid closed.

In the centre of the lid is a vent hole which comes with a matching plug. This is positioned to the rear of the chamber to avoid particle contamination on the glass.


The base section of the chamber is made from refractory brick and made in such a way that the top layer of bricks can be removed to make the kiln 75mm deeper.  The bricks can be easily replaced without the need for cement etc. 

There is a drop out viewing hole with door, allowing you to inspect your drop-outs during firing without opening the lid.

KCR2 Controller

The Kilncare Hobbyfuser Drop Out comes fitted with the new KCR2 controller. It has 9 fully adjustable programs, each with 9 segments.  Each segment consists of 1 x rate of climb, 1 x target temperature and 1 x dwell/hold.

  • Pre-set with 9 useful glass programs for fusing and slumping. All these programs can be altered to suit your own needs.

  • Displays the kiln temperature, whether the kiln is heating or cooling, the present segment number and whether the kiln is running.

  • Start delay feature.

  • Segments can be skipped during firing if required.

  • Pause feature the enables the user to "freeze" the temperature at any given time during the process.

  • Shows how much electricity has been used during the present/last firing

  • Safety features such as broken thermocouple detection and various kiln fault alarms.

The KCR2 gets its data from an ultra-fast response, stainless steel thermocouple.  This ensures that there is no lag between the kiln temperature and the KCR2s control, meaning you get reliable results every time. The KCR2 comes with a stand which to sit at a comfortable angle on a bench to or to be fixed to the wall or kiln stand.

Stand (Optional):

Kiln stand

Available with or without castors, the optional stand has two shelves, one for the kiln to sit on and one for your own use. It raises the kiln by 650mm to a comfortable working height.  It is made of steel and is powder coated in blue to match the kiln.  The stand is supplied ready for assembly.

Shelf (Optional):

Shelf dimensions table

The shelf option comes with a set of props.


  • Internal Size (WxDxH): 415mm x 415mm x 275mm

  • External Size (WxDxH): 750mm x 740mm x 580mm

  • Power Rating: 3kW

  • Power Supply: 240v

  • Plug: Standard UK 13 amp wall plug fitted, no special wiring required.

  • Power cable length: 1.7m

  • Maximum Temperature: 950˚C

  • Kiln Weight: 90kg (stand and shelf extra)

  • Delivery dimensions:  The kiln will be delivered boxed on a pallet measuring roughly 110cm x 169cm

KilnCare logo

Other Information:

  • The Kilncare Hobbyfuser Drop Out is built for a long life span and the 4 year warranty covers all parts INCLUDING the elements.
  • Fully complies with all European and CE requirements.
  • Shelf kit and stand are optional.
  • Average cost of firing: less than 90p.
  • Kilns contribute towards our discount programme but do not qualify to receive discounts. 


Delivery is to your door only and does not include installation. Please consider that you may need help to situate the kiln.  The kiln will be delivered boxed on a pallet measuring roughly 110cm x 169cm.

Ships free to any address in mainland UK. 

Deliveries outside the UK: Delivery charges vary. While we subsidise delivery costs where we can, for some destinations we may have to request an extra delivery charge in addition to the one calculated at checkout. If this is the case we will contact you as soon as possible to agree this with you, and always before the kiln is dispatched. 

Delivery is usually 3-4 weeks

For further information about this kiln call Veronica on 01934 756181.

Check out our page on Choosing a Glass Kiln.

Compare this kiln with others in our range.

Read our advice on Setting Up Your Glass Kiln.

Product Reviews
4.8 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars Tuesday 18 June, 2019 By C Twomey - See all my reviews
I bought this as was so happy with my HF3 (non drop out) and wanted both a second kiln and one in which to do drop outs. Was pleased to find it has extra bricks so inside is same dimensions as non drop out, unless you remove them to do a drop out, thus performs same as HF3 non drop out in full fuse, tacks etc. Works just as expected from the off. Fab piece of engineering, and British too.
4 out of 5 stars Wednesday 08 May, 2019 By Bev Brown
I love my Hobbyfuser drop out and it's very versatile. The controller is very simple and the warm glass instructional video really helped me overcome my controller fears, very very easy to use and adjust after the programme has started. However I cannot understand why it comes with bumpers around the walls, this makes loading the supplied shelf painful from barked knuckles unless wearing gloves; you can't make up on the shelf and then load into the kiln. I think I will have to buy a smaller shelf. It's easy to remove the layer of bricks for deeper work. The stand is excellent and although the wheels are expensive they are chunky; I've had to move the kiln a couple of times due to workmen and I can move and lock into position. This will be my one and only video but if buying again I would definitely get a clamshell.
WARM GLASS RESPONSE - Hi Bev, Thanks for your feedback. The easiest answer to this is to use slightly taller shelf posts to support the shelf. I hope this helps!
5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 03 January, 2018 By CLAIRE MUNDAY - See all my reviews
Had my kiln for a year now. When I purchased it I was not far off from being a complete novice in glass work. This kiln is easy to use and to programme your own schedules in. I bought the deeper version knowing that I would be progressing to drop outs. It is a good size for a hobbyist. Love this kiln.
5 out of 5 stars Sunday 17 December, 2017 By Wendy Blake
Fantastic and versatile kiln. Well made and v easy to programme, even though has 9 set programmes to choose from. Prompt delivery after ordering Got it just 2 weeks after order -thank you kiln care and warm glass
5 out of 5 stars Sunday 29 October, 2017 By Lisa Montgomery
Absolutely Fabulous.....I cannot wish for anything better .
Thank you Warm Glass.

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