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Kilncare Hobbyfuser 3 Glass Kiln - FREE UK SHIPPINGHobbyfuser Glass Kiln from Kilnacare, closedProfuser Glass Kiln logo

Kilncare Hobbyfuser 3 Glass Kiln - FREE UK SHIPPING

4.8 out of 5 stars (9 Customer Reviews)

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Product Information
Kilncare Kiln - Hobbyfuser 3 Glass Kiln

The Kilncare Hobbyfuser is a very popular and extremely reliable kiln, preferred by schools due to the robust build and large chamber. This is definitely more than just a hobby kiln, that's why we use one every day in our studio.  Manufactured in the UK, the solid build and high attention to detail in the design makes it one of the best plug-in kilns on the market. Free 3 year manufacturer's warranty.  This is the largest plug-in kiln we sell. The Kilncare Hobbyfuser is ideal for glass fusing, slumping and casting.

Buy today and we will give you a £50 Warm Glass Voucher AND upgrade you to a Silver Discount customer with 10% off future orders!

**A FREE Kiln Welcome Pack, including a Coaster Making Kit and Bullseye Brochure will also be sent to you when you order this kiln** 

(Kit will be sent separately from the kiln)

We provide full technical support for as long as you need it, as well as firing schedules.


Kiln Elements

This Kilncare kiln is equipped with high performance, hard-wearing infra-red quartz elements and well-designed insulation.  What this means for your glass is that the Kilncare Hobbyfuser will make the crucial ramp from 700c to 800c in as little as 9 minutes, ensuring the glass doesn't get "over-worked" by being in the heat longer than is required. The elements are located in the lid for even heating; this also makes them easy to replace if required.  The elements are switched off when the lid is opened by an automatic safety switch.


The lid is made from stainless steel: powder coated and oven baked.  It is lined out with press cut, non-ceramic fibre.  This eliminates the risk of brick dust particles dropping from the lid, making for a very clean firing environment. The lid construction enables the Hobbyfuser to retain the heat when needed but still release heat rapidly during the all-important cool-down period.

The lifting and closing of the lid is a single finger operation thanks to a pair of specifically manufactured and designed Stainless Steel coil springs at the rear of the kiln.  There are also two handles for left or right hand lifting and a new design of catch to hold the lid closed.

In the centre of the lid is a vent hole which comes with a matching plug. This is positioned to the rear of the chamber to avoid particle contamination on the glass.


The base section of the chamber is made from refractory brick and made in such a way that the bricks can be easily replaced without the need for cement etc. With only approximately 2 thirds of the available height being in the base it means that access to the floor is not restricted by high walls.

KCR2 Controller

The Kilncare Hobbyfuser comes fitted with the new KCR2 controller. It has 9 fully adjustable programs, each with 9 segments.  Each segment consists of 1 x rate of climb, 1 x target temperature and 1 x dwell/hold.

  • Pre-set with 9 useful glass programs for fusing and slumping. All these programs can be altered to suit your own needs.

  • Displays the kiln temperature, whether the kiln is heating or cooling, the present segment number and whether the kiln is running.

  • Start delay feature.

  • Segments can be skipped during firing if required.

  • Pause feature the enables the user to "freeze" the temperature at any given time during the process.

  • Shows how much electricity has been used during the present/last firing

  • Safety features such as broken thermocouple detection and various kiln fault alarms.

The KCR2 gets its data from an ultra-fast response, stainless steel thermocouple.  This ensures that there is no lag between the kiln temperature and the KCR2s control, meaning you get reliable results every time. The KCR2 comes with a stand which to sit at a comfortable angle on a bench to or to be fixed to the wall or kiln stand.

Stand (Optional):

Kiln stand

The optional Kilncare Hobbyfuser stand has two shelves, one for the kiln to sit on and one for your own use. It raises the kiln by 650mm to a comfortable working height.  It is made of steel and is powder coated in blue to match the kiln.  The stand is supplied ready for assembly.

Shelf (Optional):

Shelf dimensions table

The shelf option comes with a set of props.


  • Internal Size (WxDxH): 415mm x 415mm x 200mm.

  • External Size (WxDxH): 750x740x460

  • Power Rating: 2.5kW

  • Power Supply: 240v (standard 13 Amp UK 3-pin plug fitted)

  • Maximum Temperature: 950˚C

  • Weight: 75kg

  • Delivery dimensions: The kiln will be delivered boxed on a pallet measuring 110cm x 94cm

KilnCare logo

Other Information:

  • The Kilncare Hobbyfuser is built for a long life span and the 3 year warranty covers all parts INCLUDING the elements.
  • The Hobbyfuser comes complete with a 13 amp plug.
  • Fully complies with all European and CE requirements.
  • shelf kit and stand are optional.
  • Average cost of firing: less than 90p.
  • Kilns contribute towards our discount programme but do not qualify to receive discounts. 


Delivery is to your door only and does not include installation. Please consider that you may need help to situate the kiln.  The kiln will be delivered boxed on a pallet measuring 110cm x 94cm.

Ships free to any address in mainland UK. Other destinations may vary. 

Delivery is usually 3-4 weeks

For further information about this kiln call Veronica on 01934 756181.

Check out our page on Choosing a Glass Kiln.

Compare this kiln with others in our range.

If you find this kiln cheaper elsewhere please let us know and we will do our best to match it.

Product Reviews
4.8 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars Monday 21 March, 2016 By Angela Rudderforth
Being a total beginner to this wonderful art, I've just begun using my kiln and I have to say the results have been brilliant so far. I've only done 2 firings but it was so easy to use both a preset program and the one I had to adapt to a tack fuse. I am so pleased I chose this kiln - I feel very confident now to experiment with different effects knowing that my kiln is so reliable and trustworthy ... and probably a little forgiving of my mistakes.
5 out of 5 stars Monday 09 March, 2015 By Eileen Barratt
I have been using this kiln for about 6 months and it's the first kiln I have owned/used.
I find it very user-friendly and easy to set schedules. Before I bought it I had a few conversations with the manufacturer. They are really helpful and very patient with people, like me, who need lots of information..
It fires beautifully, seems very efficient on electricity, is really well made and looks extra smart and cheerful in my workroom.
I actually chose this kiln on the recommendation of a lady who had worked for the York Glaziers Trust and all the positive things she said were entirely true.
I have nothing negative to say about this product.
5 out of 5 stars Sunday 20 April, 2014 By Irene mckenzie
I am delighted with this kiln purchased almost 18 months ago - simple to use and it fuses consistently well. I was new to glass fusing and am already selling my designs and taking commissions. I have had a couple of little problems but the people at 'Kilncare' were so efficient and quick to get me up and running again, there was no holdup in production! Thank you Warm Glass and Kilncare, you have changed my life.
3 out of 5 stars Tuesday 22 October, 2013 By Matthew Pope
British built - something we should be proud of, however funny how this is more expensive than many imported kilns! For the price I wanted the stand too thrown in!
5 out of 5 stars Monday 23 September, 2013 By Nicky Exell - See all my reviews
This is a great little kiln and it fires beautifully. I already have a larger kiln but this second smaller kiln is a great addition to my studio. A good purchase. Highly recommended
5 out of 5 stars Thursday 12 September, 2013 By Jane Kennedy - See all my reviews
I have had my kiln now for 4 or 5mths - so pleased that I chose this model. Recently (getting ready for an exhibition) I have had it running day and night and it is performing perfectly. I love it.
5 out of 5 stars Monday 03 June, 2013 By Frank Brook
The kiln controller is easy to use and has useful presets for the beginner to use and modify. No problems loading or unloading the kiln shelf. It is easy to access work on kiln shelf. No problems with uneven heating.
Modern design and materials means it does not use old-fashioned resistance wire for heating or kiln bricks for insulation in the lid so is more reliable and remains clean - it does not dump brick dust onto your work.
Electricity use has been good, at around 5.3 to 5.5 kWh per firing. Maximum outside surface temperature I've encountered has been 90 degrees Celsius, so doesn't get very hot on the outside.
In summary: Better designed, well-made with better materials and is British. A pleasure to use. Worth every penny. Most highly recommended.
5 out of 5 stars Monday 18 February, 2013 By Carla Jameson
I'm so glad I bought this kiln from Warm Glass. Veronica has been a great help in programming the kiln and talking me through my first firings. I was really nervous about getting going with the kiln but they made it really easy for me.
5 out of 5 stars Monday 30 July, 2012 By Karen Lilley
I have had this kiln for about two years and am very impressed with it. It plugs straight into a normal plug so no additional wiring needed, it is very well insulated and clean so heats efficiently and is surprisingly cheap to run.

The controller is very straight forward to use, it is also easy to check during a firing, and if you wish you can alter it during the firing. There are nine programmes you can set so it is easy to have one for full fuse, one for slump and so on.

I run a glass business and I find that the size of this kiln is good for me at the moment. I can fit nine coasters or three 17cm diameter bowls or one 29cm bowl in the kiln at a time. I can also kiln-cast small sculptures.

I definitely recommend this kiln to you, it is big enough that it will take a while to outgrow (I haven

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