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Kilncare Elitefuser Glass Kiln - FREE UK SHIPPING

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Product Information
Kilncare Elite-fuser Glass Kiln

Limited sale stock so buy now!

Looking for a robust, reliable, high performance kiln for your studio or school? The Kilncare Elitefuser really delivers.

A step up from the popular Profuser, this British built kiln is the third and largest member of the Kilncare Fuser family and is aimed at the serious and professional glass artist. The Elitefuser is also ideal for schools due to the robust build, size and reliability. As with all Kilncare kilns, you can expect the solid build and high attention to detail in the design of this UK manufactured kiln that has made them such a success. 

The kiln is closely based on the successful Kilncare FK range which have been Britain's favourite fusing and slumping kilns for over 15 years.  

Free 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

Buy today and we will give you a £100 Warm Glass Voucher AND upgrade you to a Platinum Discount customer, with 20% off future orders!

We provide unlimited technical support and firing schedules for all kilns sold by us.

Elite User - Free half-day course worth £200 when you buy this kiln!

This exclusive personal session is included free when you buy the Kilncare Elite-fuser kiln through Warm Glass UK. This is a hands-on session and will be run by one of our Bullseye trained teachers. The half-day class will cover the following and will include any handouts discussed in the session:


  • Preparing for first firing (location, safety checks, shelf preparation)
  • Commissioning (programming a commission)
  • Basic programming for Bullseye Glass (setting the basic Full, Tack, Slump)
  • Advanced programming (casting, using vents)
  • Kiln Testing (using the WGUK test kit - included)
  • Troubleshooting
  • One firing of test samples made during the class
  • All questions answered

Please contact us for further information. The class is taught in our studio near Bristol. We will arrange a suitable date for the class with you when you order your kiln. No cash alternative.

Kiln Details:


The kiln is equipped with high performance, hard-wearing infra-red quartz elements and well-designed insulation. It has a fast react thermocouple and is also fast cooling. The elements are located in the lid for even heating; this also makes them easy to replace if required.  The elements are switched off when the lid is opened by an automatic safety switch.


The kiln lid has two vents. The vents are closed with Stainless Steel vent flaps which are lined with insulation pads with an anti-dust covered surface for clean operation. Vents are extremely helpful to release moisture (for example when drying a mould at the beginning of the cycle) and if you wish to crash-cool the kiln. Opening the vents after the end of the firing cycle (for example for the final 150C or so) can drastically reduce the final cooling time before the kiln can be opened, aiding a quicker turnaround of kiln loads.

Automatic Vents Option: As an option (please see other model), these roof vents can be motorised and are then programmed via the controller to open or close at any point through the firing cycle or at the end of a firing cycle when the last 150C or so need to be shifted before the kiln can be opened.  It could make the difference between coming in to a kiln that can be unloaded in the morning, or one that has still got 3 or 4 hours of cooling before it can be opened.  The vents can also be automatically opened at the start of a crash cool then closed before annealing begins.

Shown in the above picture is Kilncare's unique vented stainless steel room construction which vastly aids cooling of the kiln.

The lid stays open once lifted, leaving you with both hands free to load or unload the kiln.  There is a handle across the whole front of the kiln making it easy for either left or right hand lifting and a catch to hold the lid closed.

On the front of the lid are two large spy/vent hole with spring return, anti dust flap - great for keeping an eye on your firing.

The boards that make up the chamber are specially produced for Kilncare and are pre-fired to 1100c before inserted into the kiln to remove any shrinkage or warping that could otherwise happen.

Ultra Stable, Fast Cooling Floor Design

Under the floor is where the Elitefuser excels. Under the brickwork, the floor structure is made from heavy duty walk mesh that expands with heat without distorting, offering superb physical strength. It also breathes so, as with the roof of the kiln, it aids cooling dramatically.

The bricks easily replaced if required as they are not cemented in.


Kilncare KCR32 Kiln Controller

The Elitefuser comes with the KCR32 programmer which is a multi-program controller targeted towards glass use with 32 programs each of up to 32 segments. Each segment is a controlled heating/cooling ramp followed by a soak. It is supplied pre-programmed with 9 typical glass programs (which can be over-written).


• 32 programs - each with up to 32 segments
• Each segment is a controlled heating/cooling ramp soak
• Soak times up to nearly 100 hours
• Ramp rates from 1 to 999°C/hour full
• Programs can be reviewed or altered while firing
• Program Pause & Segment Advance facilities
• Keyboard lockable
• Delayed start facility - up to 4 days
• Power failure recovery
• Energy used display
• Event / Damper / Fan relay output
• Alarm relay with alarm buzzer
• Mains power switch

Shelf Kit (Optional):

2 x 780mm x 490mm shelves with props.


This kiln requires the installation of a circuit breaker.  This should be fitted by a qualified electrician. We recommend you check the power supply to your kiln's location is suitable before purchasing.

  • Internal Size (WxDxH): 1020mm x 800mm x 320mm 
  • External Size (WxDxH): 1420mm* x 1170mm x 1300mm*
  • Maximum no. of 10cm coasters 56
  • Power Rating: 10kw
  • Power Supply: single phase or 3-phase and neutral (240V/ 415V N). This kiln will all run on either single phase or three phase as standard and can be changed at any time simply by removing or adding a special link bar (that is provided with the kiln) to the mains connections. This should be done by a qualified electrician.
  • requires a 30-32 amp breaker when connected to single phase
  • Maximum Temperature: 960˚C
  • Quartz tube "infra-red" heating system
  • stainless steel chamber and base
  • lid gas spring lift assist
  • recessed floor
  • heavy duty walkmesh under floor metalwork
  • fast react thermocouple
  • fast cooling
  • Weight: 210kg (237kg with kiln shelf kit)
  • Average Firing Cost: Approx. £3.50
  • Will fit through minimum door width of 90cm (with minor disassembly)
*external width increases to 1550mm when the KCR32 floor mounting bracket is used.

*height increases to 1330mm when the optional automatic vents are fitted

Other Details:

  • The Elitefuser is on lockable castors.
  • The lid seal is not stuck on but is held in by a removable stainless steel picture frame and as such, in the event of damage, it is fully replaceable leaving a factory fitted finish that will give years more trouble free use.
  • Each Elitefuser is fired to 800c with its own KCR32 programmer before dispatch to ensure perfect operation, calibration and removal of most of the binder vapours that are released by all kilns on the first firing.
  • Elitefuser kilns carry a 3 year guarantee on all parts including elements.
  • Fully complies with all European and CE requirements.
  • shelf kit is optional.
  • Kilns contribute towards our discount programme but do not qualify to receive discounts. 


Delivery is to your door only and does not include installation. Please consider that you may need help to situate the kiln.   The kiln will be delivered boxed on a pallet measuring 145cm x145cm x 145cm and weighing approximately 238kg.

Ships free to any address in mainland UK. Other destinations may vary. 

Delivery is usually 4-6 weeks

This kiln will fit through minimum door width of 90cm (with minor disassembly - see page 5 of the kiln manual).

For further information about this kiln call Veronica on 01934 756181.

Check out our page on Choosing a Glass Kiln.

Compare this kiln with others in our range.

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