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Gold Firing Pen

Price:£45.22 Inc VAT (£37.68 ex VAT)
3 out of 5 stars Friday 29 January, 2016 By Christine Boston
This pen is probably great if all you need it to do is a small amount of decoration on jewellery perhaps. Did a few very small tester pieces first and it has a good colour when fired whether its on top or between the glass however if I needed to choose I would put the pen on the clear capping glass then sandwich it between the clear cap and the base glass. You cant really draw it on as the nib leaves a scraping effect down the centre of the line you draw so it does need to be put on fairly generously. Sadly this means it doesn't go very far. By my rough calculations I think it would do a distinctive straight line around 150 cm long which is a lot of initials but not a great deal of decorative work. You have to keep shaking the pen otherwise the decoration is a bit patchy. I taped the pen to an electric toothbrush but didn't get the opportunity to see if this helped. I attempted to decorate a leaf design around the outside edge of a 30cm diameter bowl. Unfortunately it didn't get as far as the kiln as the pen ran out about a third of the way around. I had to just wipe it off and give up on the idea. I did try to find out how far the pen would write before I bought it but I couldn't find the information anywhere. Personally I think the pen for me was a waste of money but lesson learned I suppose. I wouldn't spend the money on this again. Back to the mica.......
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