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Glass Cutting Tips from Warm Glass UK

Cutting glass is the most important skill for a studio glass worker to develop and before venturing into the vast array of studio equipment available, it is important to cut with skill and accuracy. Everyone has their unique way of cutting glass, but whether you pull or push, here are our top 5 tips on cutting glass!

  1. Buy the best cutter you can afford.
    A high quality long-lasting cutter may cost more initially but it will save you time and money in the long run. We recommend the Toyo oil-filled Super Glass Cutter, which is why we promise to stock it at the best price in the UK.
  2. Work with your full body.
    Stand up to cut glass. Keep the cutter wheel perpendicular to the glass with the handle angled slightly back towards your body. Move your whole body – not just your arm or hand – when you make a score.
  3. If possible, position your score so that there is an equal mass of glass on either side of the break.
    The break below the score-line will naturally tend to move to the side where there is less glass. By always keeping an equal amount of glass on either side of your score-line, you can get perfect breaks each time.
  4. Never score twice over the same path.
    If you make a bad score, never go over the same line again. This will not only damage your cutter but also reduce your chances of a clean break. The best remedy is to turn the glass over and cut on the reverse side.
  5. Break your glass immediately after scoring.
    The scored surface begins to "heal" over if allowed to sit too long.
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