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Elegant Candle Holder Mould (18cm x 18cm)

Price:£26.42 Inc VAT (£22.02 ex VAT)
3 out of 5 stars Monday 02 May, 2016 By Duncan Stewart - See all my reviews
Adjusting the top temp and duration has finally produced a piece which is approximately like the mould (although no crisp angles in the recess) with a base wide enough to ensure the piece is stable.

However I had to go up to 680 for 90 minutes in my Pro-Fuser D. Each attempt used a fresh flat piece of fully fused 6mm thick Bullseye. And I may be on the borders of devit.

I also had to drill an additional air hole close to the outside edge of the recess: once the two pre-drilled air holes become covered by the slumping glass they trap air, preventing the glass slumping further.
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