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EasyCut Glass Circle Cutter

Price:£66.10 Inc VAT (£55.08 ex VAT)
1 out of 5 stars Friday 06 January, 2017 By Jade Hamnett
The actual item is good and easy to use, but after cutting just a few circles mine was totally blunt. (All three of them) This happened over a long period of time and I got in touch to report this fault, but I've been told it's too late and they won't do anything about it. Really disappointed as it's not cheap and it should last longer than cutting 8 circles.

I also agree with the review below that says it's hard to tighten it without it moving.

So the idea is good but it seems to have some faults.

Warm Glass Response: We are sorry to hear that you found the cutter to blunt quickly, it's important to just cut a line once as over-cutting will blunt a cutter this fast.
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