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We run fused glass classes from our glass studio near Bristol.  Learn how to fuse glass with our online education and Bullseye tipsheets, as well as our art glass books and ‘Getting Started’ range of essential glass fusing products. Our Masterclass teachers since 2009 have been Rudi Gritsch, Bob Leatherbarrow, Silvia Levenson, Tanya Veit, Catharine Newell, Miriam di Foire, Jeremy Lepisto, Amanda Simmons, Deborah Horrell, Heather Power, Simon Bruntnell, Nathan Sandberg, Alison Lowry, Rowan Van Der Holt, Mikyoung Jung, Amanda Muddimer, Jackie Cooley, Jo Newman, Joseph Harrington, Brad walker, Kathryn Whiteman, Alicia Lomné​. Meet the Teachers to find out more.

  • Learning tailored to your needs. Popular with those who teach glass and artists of all levels seeking individual tuition. Also makes a perfect gift!
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  • All the essential items you need to set up a glass studio. Just pick a kit or select the individual items to get started with glass fusing.
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