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CBS Dichroic Texture: Ripple Rainbow 2 on black

Price:£10.10 Inc VAT (£8.42 ex VAT)
5 out of 5 stars Saturday 21 January, 2017 By Susan McQueen - See all my reviews
If you cut a square piece for a pendant, and instead of capping with a larger piece of 3mm clear to ensure it does not creep back and give uneven edges, instead, cut the glass, say 3mm smaller along each edge, pop on top and fully fuse until rounded off. The main part under clear glass will look like mountains from a topographical map, and the edges will turn up against the clear cap and give the smooth cab an opal foil effect with just a small amount of uncapped glass looking luscious and smooth as a border over black, Also very popular as a pendant. Too chunky to work this with earrings, but simply cut earring sized slices, with no other layers. They will be plenty thick enough to produce a strong pair of earrings. The hardest part will be pairing them as it is difficult to know how much volume is in an earring compared to the other, due to the topography of the glass. Watch your fingers, splinters quite a bit with very jaggy edges, but goes relatively smooth and rounded on a full fuse.
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