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Castalot Casting Plaster

4 out of 5 stars (2 Customer Reviews)

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Ref: US25202000
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Product Information

This is a fantastic product. Castalot is a fast setting, re-firable mould material for glass slumping, fusing or kiln casting.  Ideal for casting flat, textured or shallow open-faced casting with no under-cuts. Transparent and iridised glass surfaces will release cleanly from the plaster surface. If you are using Opal glass, it is preferable to spray the Castalot surface with Boron Nitride or coat thinly with shelf primer.

Castalot will reproduce finely detailed textures – ensure that you agitate the mix rapidly after pouring into the mould or tap underneath to remove as many bubbles as possible (lumps in the mix are normal).  With careful usage you should get at least 10 full fused pieces from one mould or at least 50 from slump firing. Repeat firings above full fuse temperature will lessen the life of the mould. Make a mould you love then use it over and over again saving yourself both time and money on production.

Always wear a dust mask when handing plaster powder.   Danger. Causes damage to lungs through prolonged or repeated exposure. Contains respirable crystalline silica. See MSDS for more information.

We recommend that the plaster is stored in sealed container in a cool dry place, and used within 12 months of purchase.

Product Reviews
4 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars Sunday 09 September, 2018 By Mary Burgess Pilkington
I really like this product. I have used Castalot to make several moulds and they have lasted for more than fifty firings. I find I need to add more water than it says on the instructions. Probably about 50/50 so it's like pouring cream. It still sets quickly.
3 out of 5 stars Saturday 11 April, 2015 By Alice Burns - See all my reviews
I used this product to make flat open faced moulds for Pate de Verre. The plaster was too lumpy when set for me, I carved into the dry but still soft plaster, which exposed the roughness under the smooth sufrace. Perhaps I was expecting too much, however it does state that the material can be carved.

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