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Bullseye Sheet Glass: 3mm Alchemy Clear Silver to Bronze 1016.30Bullseye Sheet Glass: 3mm Alchemy Clear Silver to Bronze 1016.30Bullseye Sheet Glass: 3mm Alchemy Examples

Bullseye Sheet Glass: 3mm Alchemy Clear Silver to Bronze 1016.30

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Product Information
3mm Clear Reactive Glass - Silver to Bronze.  For use with silver foil.

Interested in creating reactive effects in your glass work? This clear glass reacts with silver foil when kiln fired, turning the silver a deep bronze colour. A great alternative to using copper foil if you want a metallic finish to your inclusion after firing. Also reacts with silver wire.

Reactive Glass

Reacts With:


Cold Characteristics:

The unfired sheet has a faint coral tint.

Working Notes:

Upon firing, silver foil turns bronze where it is in contact with the glass. The sample tile in the image above illustrates firing silver foil uncapped on top of 1016 (left), and fired between Clear and 1016 layers with 1016 as the cap (right). A faint coral colour may be evident in fired works.

Expect variations in effects. Variations can result from different sources and thicknesses of silver, glass production runs and heatwork, which includes firing times, temperatures, and multiple firings.

For warm-hued bronze colour development, Bullseye recommend a 1 hour soak at 663C (1225F) in the pre-rapid heat section of a firing cycle. If fired rapidly through this temperature range, the resulting hue will be a lighter metallic.

Note: When firing silver foil in the kiln, be aware that the silver reaction can travel across the glass surface and onto the kiln shelf, potentially affecting silver-sensitive glasses in one or more subsequent firings. This can happen even when new shelf release (paper or primer) is applied to the kiln shelf. When fired between layers, silver is generally more contained and less likely to affect the firing surface.

All our glass is COE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for warm glass applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).

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Product Reviews
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars Monday 16 January, 2017 By Elfrieda Waren - See all my reviews
Just starting to have fun with this glass and loving it! I made a coarse frit of it and sprinkled it on a strip of silver foil, with a base of Steel Blue transparent. The result was beautiful bronze nuggets inlaid in the silver. But there was more! Held up to the light, there also appears to have been a reaction with the base of Steel Blue, in which the 'nuggets' have become a kind of chartreuse colour edged with a thin border of dark reddish brown. I'm looking forward to exploring the reactive possibilities of Silver to Bronze further.

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