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Bullseye Glass: Colour Glass Student Pack

4.8 out of 5 stars (35 Customer Reviews)

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Ref: GB70010010
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Product Information
500g or 1.5kg of Coloured Bullseye glass. A fantastic assortment of coloured Bullseye off-cuts.

This pack is a great introduction to a variety of colours, helping you decide which colours you prefer in an affordable way. So treat yourself with the cheapest way to buy Bullseye glass!

The glass may be 2mm, 3mm or a mixture.  Pieces are roughly 5-10cm long and 3-8cm wide.

Warning! Please note these packs may contain striker glasses which means that they will appear pale or colourless and "strike" (change) to the target colour only after firing.

May also include a few decoratives and irids.

Available in either 500g bags or 1.5kg tubs.

For longer strips of glass, try the Opal and Transparent Strip Saver Pack.

All our glass is COE90, Bullseye Glass compatible and suitable for applications such as glass fusing, glass casting and glass slumping (unless otherwise stated in the description).

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Product Reviews
4.8 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars Thursday 05 December, 2019 By Pippa Greaves
Just great! I've bought lots of these 1.5kg tubs and I love opening them up to see what's inside. The pieces are always a good size and there is always a really good variation of colour. It's a really great way of experimenting with colours you might not usually go for. Definitely value for money and worth a try x
4 out of 5 stars Thursday 02 May, 2019 By Linda Hallwood - See all my reviews
Good selection but a lot of strikers and transparent. Would like to be able to buy a pack of opalescent glass only.
5 out of 5 stars Sunday 07 April, 2019 By Marysia Bogacz
I ordered two of the buckets and am very pleased. Lots of different colours and all pieces are good sizes. Excellent for making smaller items and experimenting with colour - something I need to do more of.
4 out of 5 stars Wednesday 06 February, 2019 By Janice ashworth
Great value for money, but I do miss having a 'cool' or 'warm ' selection. I loved just being able to buy a selection of blues and greens
4 out of 5 stars Friday 20 July, 2018 By Helen Robey - See all my reviews
500g pack ordered,received 9 pieces roughly same size(7/8cm)square.
4x opaque,
3x transparent(all blue)
2x decorative.
Was expecting smaller sizes and more selection. Hopefully the next bag I order(which I definitely will be doing) will match my I being fussy?
5 out of 5 stars Saturday 07 July, 2018 By Ann Walker
Very happy, as always, with my latest purchase, especially at the great sale price! Good range of colours and a mix of opals and transparents, even a few streaky and streamer bits.
5 out of 5 stars Saturday 30 June, 2018 By Emma Carter
A brilliant range of colours in this pack. They clearly make sure that you get the full rainbow. Such a fantastic amount of glass for your money. Well recommend
4 out of 5 stars Friday 29 June, 2018 By Laura McDowell - See all my reviews
Good pack for your money, and lovely colours. With the size of each sheet your be able to make a loads of pendants. My pack had a few greens and blues, but once I buy more I'm sure to have more colours. Especially when there is a sale!
3 out of 5 stars Wednesday 27 June, 2018 By MICHELLE EDLIN
Was ok good value but not much selection. Lots of duplicates mainly red blue green
5 out of 5 stars Thursday 08 February, 2018 By Karen Addis - See all my reviews
Great way to start. You get samples of all kinds of glass.
You can experiment and it’s so exciting to see how your designs turn out. Not been disappointed so far..
Great value and a fab selection
5 out of 5 stars Monday 29 January, 2018 By Christine Jeffryes - See all my reviews
This is my third class pack order of mixed coloured glass. The range is always really good. I love the fact you can try out different colours and types of glass without buying a large sheet. I have been able to make so many lovely items of jewellery and wall art pieces. I highly recommend the product to anyone starting fusing too. It's great value for money!
5 out of 5 stars Sunday 03 December, 2017 By Ellie Scullion
These packs are always brilliant. Wide variety of colours and shapes. Never disappointed, and amazing value for money.
5 out of 5 stars Thursday 30 November, 2017 By Ann Walker - See all my reviews
I'm just starting fusing, so this pack was great for getting a mix of colours to play with without spending a fortune. Excellent size pieces - I struggled to get some of them out of the jar! Love fusing - no more 'scrap'...every tiny bit can be used for projects, frit balls or making frit, so these packs are brilliant value for money. Will most definitely buy again.
5 out of 5 stars Thursday 21 September, 2017 By Reidun Ihle Pedersen - See all my reviews
I bought 1.5 kg and I am very pleased. Many different colors at a good price. Good both if you want to test out colors or if you want a good variety of different colors.
5 out of 5 stars Thursday 25 May, 2017 By Genna Freeborn - See all my reviews
Excellent quality glass, large pieces in varying thicknesses. A lovely mix of colours in clear and opaque.
5 out of 5 stars Tuesday 07 February, 2017 By Sophie Taberner - See all my reviews
Great value pack with a range of colours that's perfect as a starting point to glass fusing.
5 out of 5 stars Friday 30 December, 2016 By Emma Carter
Great value pack for the money. Arrived very quickly and well packaged.
Great selection of thicknesses and colours, all in big pieces.
Well recommend
5 out of 5 stars Friday 23 December, 2016 By Sonia Niquet
Great quality glass and assortment very interesting for great and creations full of light! Great value. I recommend this pack to start ! Thank you!
4 out of 5 stars Thursday 15 December, 2016 By Karen Wilson
Great pack with quite a few colours, though my pack had quite a lot of black and white but I guess it's the luck of the draw
5 out of 5 stars Friday 03 June, 2016 By Helen Welch
Excellent value for money and a good mix of colours - great for experimenting with and challenging yourself to make something a little different
5 out of 5 stars Saturday 21 May, 2016 By Carol Fishwick
Great value pack. Being new to fusing this pack lets me experiment, and boy you can play around with colour, design and fusing, and it doesn't cost a fortune! It really is an excellent tub of starter glass. Buy the tub of clear glass too, you won't be disappointed!
4 out of 5 stars Thursday 24 March, 2016 By Alison Shepherd
Great to check out what is in this pack...several that I've never tried before, so a good opportunity to test out a few new colours... Mostly 3" x 4". or some more square. Mix of opal and transparent... I bought the 1.5kg this time, though when I weighed it, it was only 1400g, hence only 4 stars!
5 out of 5 stars Friday 19 February, 2016 By Miss H Masters
This is a super pack to get for trying out and experimenting with different colours. A very nice mix of colours was included. Very economical. As well as buying larger sheets of glass it's good to have these offcuts too.
5 out of 5 stars Friday 18 December, 2015 By Sally-Ann Gretton
My first order from this company. It arrived on time, well packaged. I was so excited to open this, it had decent sized pieces and a good variety of colours. i cant wait to use it all up so i have to order another suprise.
5 out of 5 stars Thursday 05 November, 2015 By Linda Wilson
on days when you are not sure what you are going to make... just empy the jar onto white paper and just play with the colours and will inspire you ! ♥ worth every penny ♥
5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 30 September, 2015 By Vanessa Thompson-Lowe
I really love these packs and so enjoy opening the lid to see what colours I've got inside! It's a really good way of trying new colours and save cutting large sheets for a tiny piece
5 out of 5 stars Sunday 07 September, 2014 By Tania Le Marinel
Very pleased with this pack. I've just started glass fusing classes so ordered 2 packs to start me off and it's given me lots of colours and choices to play with. Loved the fact I got a small free sample of dichroic glass with my order which arrived quickly and safely. Very happy and have just ordered me second lot!
5 out of 5 stars Tuesday 12 August, 2014 By Allison Esson
What a great way to buy glass! I've been buying it by the sheet since I started glass fusing, but decided to try the student glass pack as it was on special offer. I received a good mix of 2mm and 3mm, transparent and opaque glass in loads of different colours. Although advertised as off cuts, many pieces were quite large - perfect for experimenting. I'll definitely be ordering this again.
5 out of 5 stars Monday 24 February, 2014 By Marie Maher
great selection of colours and I got some pieces of patterned glass too !!
I like to have a selection of colours available. Ideal to add design to the likes of , coasters, small dishes and generally for anything. Love this item and great value
5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 06 November, 2013 By frances bauer
Great value and great way to try different colours without buying bigger sheets
5 out of 5 stars Thursday 12 September, 2013 By Jane Kennedy
Great value - I always like to have a pack on hand to try other colours when making coasters or jewellery. A really good way to experiment with colour.
5 out of 5 stars Saturday 08 September, 2012 By Christina Friis
I ordered this for my friend Bettina.. Now that i have seen it i am SO jealux. Big sized in lots of colours, even some that sparkle. I want one to!
5 out of 5 stars Tuesday 08 May, 2012 By SARA BELL
A good variety of glass in useable sizes with lots of scope for creative play, very happy with this!
5 out of 5 stars Monday 21 November, 2011 By Alexa Davies
I'm thrilled with this pack! Really good value for money and a really wide selection on colours and sizes. Just enough so you don't have to worry about using all of one style in your first fuse too! I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to the striker pieces. I'm never brave enough to choose something unfamiliar, so this pack is brilliant for me to try out new colours and patterns before i take the plunge and buy it as a single sheet. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone.
5 out of 5 stars Monday 03 October, 2011 By Camilla Bromley
great value for money! and i love not knowing exactly what colours i'm going to get, its always exciting opening the jar and letting the colours inspire me and there's always a good range too. thank you.

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