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Warm Glass Brexit statement

Warm Glass and Brexit

Some of our European customers have expressed concern about the supply of glass and other products from Warm Glass after Brexit. We are committed to continuing to supply our European customers long into the future.

At the time of writing, the precise future of trade relations between the UK and EU are still unknown, however we are doing everything we can to prepare for our proposed departure from the EU on 29 March 2019.

Please be assured that here at Warm Glass we are fully committed to continuing to support and supply to our European customers as we already do our other international customers. Most of our stock originates from the USA and we will do everything we can to ensure there is no disruption to supply during Brexit. We are lucky enough to have three warehouses, so it is possible for us to house extra stock here to ensure continuation of supply should it become necessary to do so. We will be working with our couriers to help ensure smooth transit of goods into Europe continues.

European customers represent an important part of our business and we do not intend for that to change. We are looking forward to a continued fruitful relationship with our European friends and are confident we can overcome any obstacles that may arise to ensure this is the case.

Warm Glass - 5th December 2018

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