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Bob Leatherbarrow is here at Warm Glass UK!

Posted on 30th April 2014
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Bob LeatherbarrowBob Leatherbarrow is with us again!


If you have been looking at our Facebook page, you will have seen some of the amazing work his students have been producing in our studio over the last two weeks.

Bob is a leading glass artist from Canada, whose work is distinctive and innovative. This is down to his experimental style and love of incorporating texture and colour into his work. Bob has proved that glass work need not be confined to glossy, smooth surfaces.
Bob Leatherbarrow fish

We have discovered that Bob is not just a fine glass artist, but an inspirational teacher and all round good egg, so we are always delighted to have him teach here in our studio.

He uses various techniques to build layers and textures into his work; many of these techniques were developed by Bob himself which he imparts only to those lucky enough to attend one of his classes. In his Masterclass with us Bob teaches, amongst many other things, his signature ‘crackle’ technique, using powders.

Bob’s Top Tips: Making WafersBob Leatherbarrow Wafer
In his usual generous nature, Bob offers the following tips on creating powder wafers:
  1. Use opal powders rather than transparent.
  2. When sifting on a stencil, start with the lightest colours first and overlay successively darker colours.
  3. The powder on a stencil should be 1mm - 1.5mm thick.
  4. Sift a thin even layer of powder over the stencil pattern to hold the design together.
  5. Fire at 333C/hour to 696C and hold for 10 minutes – no annealing.
  6. Turn over and use as a design element on a piece of glass.
  7. Relax, experiment and have fun!

Thank you Bob!

You can find out more about Bob's work on his website:

- Kirsty

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