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Black Glassline Pen

Price:£6.90 Inc VAT (£5.75 Ex VAT)
5 out of 5 stars Sunday 11 October, 2015 By Helen Lake - See all my reviews
Black is the most used colour in my collection of Glassline pens. I use it to personalise my glasswork with names and phrases etc to meet bespoke orders. Once dried to grey I can scrape out areas or clean up outlines using a cocktail stick (and a lot of patience!). Over time you may find the bottle clogs up or the glassline is too thick. Firstly try standing the bottle in warm water for a few minutes then shake. But if that still doesn't work just add a few drops of water into the bottle, give the Glassline a very good shake and it will revitalise the product without fading the black after kilning. Not too much water though!