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Basic Breakers

Price £5.70 Inc VAT (£4.75 Ex VAT)

4.9 out of 5 stars (18 Customer Reviews)
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Product Information
Running Pliers for breaking glass cleanly.

These are the best value for money plastic cut running pliers on the market.  We have used them for years in our glass studio and love them.

This is an invaluable tool for any glass artist and with a price this cheap they're accessible to all!

This tool is extremely effective in breaking glass that has not been cut sufficiently.

Prevents glass from shattering and involves minimal effort.


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Product Reviews
4.9 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars Monday 08 May, 2017 By Genna Freeborn - See all my reviews
Excellent value and they break glass wonderfully.
5 out of 5 stars Saturday 06 May, 2017 By Angela Henderson (Northern Fusion) - See all my reviews
I love these breakers....I've always struggled with the blue plastic ones but these ones are great, so easy to use.
5 out of 5 stars Monday 27 February, 2017 By Ronald Hughes
This is an excellent tool. The only thing that is missing is a spring to re-open it after closing. I added one to mine, easily enough. I found a spring about 25mm long, with a diameter that fitted comfortably in the recess. I glued one end of the spring at the bottom of the recess, using rapid-acting 2-part epoxy adhesive. Then I used cyanoacrylate to glue a piece of wood in the recess, between the spring and the reinforcement web that lies across the recess in the handle, about half-way along. The piece of wood keeps the spring upright and prevents it from flexing towards the ends of the handles, whilst allowing it to be compressed whenever the handles are squeezed. The modification works perfectly. Now I can squeeze the handles and they spring open automatically when I release pressure.
5 out of 5 stars Tuesday 06 September, 2016 By Barbara Millard
I have other running pliers but these are the only ones that will break 6mm full fused easily. My "failure" box has been given a new lease of life- wish I'd had them years ago!
4 out of 5 stars Wednesday 17 August, 2016 By Andrea Fraser
I got these to help break glass but I think that you have to ensure the score is very deep before trying to crack along the line. I have a pile of glass with uneven breaks. I am sure they will get better as I get used to them.

WARM GLASS REPLY: Hi Andrea, thanks for your review. Take a look at the 'Improve Your Cutting' tipsheet for great advice on cutting glass cleanly.
5 out of 5 stars Sunday 24 July, 2016 By Jules Harper
I've tried the big blue breakers that you can get but I've always struggled with them for some reason, it resulted in not wanting to create anything with glass.

Then I see that others had similar problems and my predicament was answered. This tool is really underrated I reckon and easily overlooked. It works every time, nice and easy and none of that pressing together for the life of you to get them to work!

Someone mentioned an automatic spring load to reopen the jaws which would be amazing but WG aren't the manufacturers I guess.
5 out of 5 stars Saturday 09 July, 2016 By Catriona Rutherford - See all my reviews
I bought one pair to try them out. I teach glass in a day Hospice and let the ladies try them yesterday,they found them much easier to use, much lighter and easier they were fighting over the one pair I had ( not physically hence I am getting more.)
5 out of 5 stars Sunday 22 May, 2016 By Jessica Dewey - See all my reviews
Great product! I snapped my old pair trying to break a thick slab and was recommended these when I went in to the store. Everyone was super helpful and friendly and I love these new breakers. They work so much better than my first pair, many thanks!
5 out of 5 stars Tuesday 19 April, 2016 By Leigh Robertson
Bought these as a cheap purchase when I first started making glass. Have tried others but always prefer these. They break the glass with ease. I now teach a class and have a assortment of breakers but the students all prefer these as well. Best purchase ever, still use the original set 17 years on. I have never had a set break or wear out.
5 out of 5 stars Friday 19 February, 2016 By Kate Brooks
These breakers are a 'must have'. Very quick and easy to use - gives a perfect break without chips and flakes.
5 out of 5 stars Friday 15 January, 2016 By Virginia Corley
These are my friend.
5 out of 5 stars Tuesday 03 November, 2015 By Jenn Gowney
These are quite light weight but the bit that separates the glass is very hard wearing and solid.
5 out of 5 stars Tuesday 20 October, 2015 By Virginia Corley - See all my reviews
Brilliant easy to use especially for beginners, my only criticism is the lack of a spring to release after you have squeezed your hand... Virginia Corley
5 out of 5 stars Friday 25 September, 2015 By Sharron McLeod
Great breaking pliers. A lot less pressure needed than many other varieties. My students love how easy they are to use.
5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 19 August, 2015 By John Duncan - See all my reviews
Don't be put off by the price because these really are top class Pliers, especially for heavily textured glass. Easy to use and need very little pressure to get the break. Wish I'd bought them before now.
5 out of 5 stars Tuesday 11 August, 2015 By Tracy
I've used these type of breaker for about 15 years and I'm still using the same one. I've taken a few classes and bought the standard blue breakers for the students thinking I was doing the right thing, but all the students found my basic breakers easier to use!!
5 out of 5 stars Friday 21 February, 2014 By Frances Woodhead - See all my reviews
Very happy to find you stock these basic breakers. I find that they are the best that are available and use them every day. Unrivalled for making little squares of glass. Frances Woodhead
5 out of 5 stars Friday 06 December, 2013 By Jessica Coates
I'm so glad warm glass finally sell these. I've used them on the classes there and they are by far the best plastic cut running pliers in this price bracket.

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