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Alicia Lomne is coming to Warm Glass UK!

Posted on 4th August 2014
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Alicia Lomne Lumen

We are so excited!  Alicia Lomné is coming to teach a Masterclass here at Warm Glass next year, and we know you are excited too because her class sold out in about a nanosecond!

If you don’t already know her, Alicia is a talented French-born American glass artist residing in Washington State, USA.  She has taught at Bullseye Glass and across the US, as well as in Australia and Europe, but her five-day class here will be her first ever in the UK.

She is a woman after my own heart, as she is fascinated by science and the natural world, and invests this fascination into her stunning pâte de verre glass work. To see Alicia discussing her work and her journey as an artist, take a look at this excellent video:

Artist’s Statement:
“Alicia Lomne works with the glass kiln casting technique of Pate de verre; literally translated from French it means paste of glass. The process includes creating a model, making a mould, placing thin layers of powdered or frit glass within the mould, and then firing the piece in a kiln. Alicia works primarily with open faced moulds and is most compelled by the exact colour placement and sculptural possibilities that pate de verre offers.”
The eight people lucky enough to attend Alicia’s Masterclass in the studio here at Warm Glass UK in March 2015 will learn how to build their own model and pour an open-faced mould to create thin walled glass forms. They will be taught several different methods of exact colour placement using frits and powders, as well as other patterning techniques, and receive expert tuition on obtaining desired textures and shapes by controlling the temperature in the kiln.

We are so grateful to all of our Masterclass artists who are incredibly generous and willing to impart their hard-gained knowledge to the students.  In Spring 2015, we will also be welcoming back Silvia Levenson and Bob Leatherbarrow, and have exciting plans for others next Autumn, so watch this space...

Want to know more?
You can see more of Alicia Lomné’s work on her website:

- Kirsty

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