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Bullseye Glass

Bullseye Glass is the first choice for kiln forming glass. Ideal for glass fusing, slumping, glass casting and flame working.

We stock the full range of coloured fusing glass offered by Bullseye, including:-

  • Transparent - hand-made glass, with every 10th sheet test fired for compatibility; great for design layers.
  • Opalescent - double rolled for cleaner cuts; thin opalescent gives strong colour and defined lines.
  • Tints - subtle colour applications and a unique quality in simple pieces.
  • Iridised - glass with a shimmering metallic coating; every sheet is slightly different.

We stock most available products from Bullseye Glass:-

  • glass frit and powder - for casting, painting with light, fusing and all kiln forming applications
  • glass stringers - thin enough to be manipulated by candle flame; excellent for decorative details
  • glass confetti - paper-thin shards create eye-catching and unique patterns
  • decorative glass - collage and patterned, individually created, tested compatible CoE 90
Every coloured sheet is hand rolled and every batch is tested by Bullseye Glass for compatibility, so when you buy you know you are getting the most reliable and exciting vibrant glass available in the market. The consistent quality is why we use their products and stock the complete range.
Some colours in the range are what is known as 'Strikers'. These glasses may appear pale or mottled in their unfired state, but mature to their target colour upon firing.


Over 20 years ago the Bullseye Glass Co began manufacturing a range of CoE90 tested compatible product suitable for kiln fusing by artists. In doing this, they enabled studio workers to use a science almost unchanged since 1500 B.C.

Today anyone can begin fusing with suitable glass, a kiln and a desire to explore their creative curiosity. With over 1000 different fusing products, they are the professional choice when it comes to fusing and slumping.

Bullseye CoE90 is not the only range of glass. Other ranges include:-

  • Moretti CoE104
  • Spectrum CoE96
  • Float CoE82
  • Borosilicate (Pyrex) CoE40

However, not all of these ranges are ‘tested’ compatible. We believe Bullseye is the best range for studio work, rarely devitrifying and excellent for slumping. Everything we sell is Bullseye compatible so you can buy with confidence.

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Registered office: 5 Havyat Park, Wrington, Bristol, BS40 5PA, UK
Company Reg No. 5365166. VAT No. 791350132