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Restricted Purchase – Why?

You may have heard that Bullseye Glass and Uroboros Glass (System96) have suspended the use of cadmium, chromium and arsenic in their manufacturing process. The reason for suspension is because of concerns about environmental levels of arsenic, chromium and cadmium in the air near the factories in Portland, USA.

The concerns are related to the manufacturing process and not the end product and we would like to reassure our customers that the materials used in the manufacturing process are inert once encapsulated in glass, therefore product safety is not in question.

The knock-on effect of the suspension will be temporary supply issues regarding specific colours; we have taken the precaution of restricting the purchase of all sizes of the 27 glass colours affected. We request that this restriction is respected as it will allow everyone a reliable supply. In addition, no discounts (including Multibuy) are currently available on the restricted colours of Bullseye sheet glass, stringers, frits and powders. This restriction will be lifted as soon as possible.

The restricted styles are currently:


  • 1107 Light Green
  • 1112 Aventurine Green
  • 1145 Kelly Green
  • 1408 Light Aquamarine Blue
  • 1412 Light Aventurine Green
  • 1417 Emerald Green
  • 1426 Spring Green
  • 1025 Light Orange Striker
  • 1120 Yellow
  • 1122 Red
  • 1125 Orange
  • 1322 Garnet Red
  • 1320 Marigold Yellow


  • 0108 Powder Blue
  • 0112 Mint Green
  • 0116 Turquoise Blue
  • 0312 Pea Pod Green
  • 0024 Tomato Red
  • 0025 Tangerine Orange
  • 0120 Canary Yellow
  • 0124 Red
  • 0125 Orange
  • 0126 Spring Green
  • 0220 Sunflower Yellow
  • 0224 Deep Red
  • 0320 Marigold Yellow
  • 0100 Black

This list will be updated as styles become freely available.

Looking for alternatives to using these colours? Take a look at our Innovation Corner page for ideas and inspiration on beating the restriction.

UPDATE: This is a statement from Bullseye Glass Co. on 14th September 2016 regarding this issue:

An Update on Our Baghouse Filtration System and Production Levels

September 13, 2016—Last February, Bullseye Glass learned about concerns related to potential emissions from our factory. We took swift and immediate action: voluntarily suspending the use of certain materials and working with experts to help us find the most effective technological solution for filtering our furnaces. We share our customers’ and the public’s interest in air quality and support stronger environmental standards for our industry.

Here are the actions we have taken: In March, we began the process of designing and installing 99% efficient baghouse filtration systems, beginning with a pilot baghouse on one furnace in April. In early July, we received components and began installation of a state-of-the-art, dual-control baghouse on eleven furnaces for safely producing glasses that may contain chromium, cadmium, nickel, lead, manganese, and arsenic. We completed installation at the end of August. This system is now up and running. 

We have started installing a third baghouse that will allow the system to cover an additional seven furnaces. This proactive investment will ensure that emissions are controlled and will allow us to continue to make a beautiful palette of colored glass into the future.

At this point, we have resumed production of 80% of our product line. We hope to resume making glasses that contain chromium (primarily greens) in early 2017, once we have completed additional testing and received DEQ approval. See below for styles that will remain suspended through early 2017. Meanwhile, we have formulated four new chromium-free transparent green styles, and will continue to formulate new green glasses that are not dependent on chromium.

We are working to ensure compliance with the new regulations. By remaining focused on the task at hand, we plan to make our full product line available as soon as possible.  We sincerely thank all of our customers for your patience and support over these last six months. With your continued support, we will accomplish these goals. 

With gratitude,
The Team at Bullseye Glass


UPDATE: This is a statement from Bullseye Glass Co. on 7th June 2016 regarding this issue:

Bullseye Glass Co. has signed an agreement with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. The Mutual Agreement and Order (MAO) signed today allows us to continue the process, started in February, of installing emissions control technology on our furnaces.

A pilot emissions control system (baghouse) is already in place, which allows us to make limited quantities of reds, oranges, and yellows. Starting in mid-July, we plan to bring a second baghouse online, which should allow us to resume making most other styles in limited quantities. Inventory of many styles will remain low until after we have a third, larger system installed and operational in August. At that time, we hope to return to previous production and staffing levels.

We thank all of you for your support and patience during this challenging time.

The team at Bullseye

This is the statement from Bullseye Glass Co. on 2nd June 2016:

From the Co-Owners of Bullseye Glass,

We are proud of our company’s record, and the efforts we have made to operate in an environmentally safe manner.

Glass making requires hot furnaces that melt materials, and we’ve had a permit to operate those types of furnaces for more than 30 years. We have been and remain in compliance with that permit, and we have made substantial efforts over the years to go above and beyond the law’s requirement when it comes to waste water reduction and our carbon footprint.

In February of 2016, we learned there were potential concerns related to some of the emissions coming from our furnaces, and we took swift action. This meant voluntarily suspending the use of materials needed to produce roughly 50% of our product line, to give us time to understand the issue and our technological options for filtering our furnaces.

Since February, we have installed a pilot filtration system on one furnace. This will allow us to safely restart limited production of varieties of glass that our customers have come to expect. By the end of summer, we expect that a fully implemented filtration system will allow us to restore the entire product line.

Unfortunately, the information coming from different sources around this issue has been inaccurate or unclear in many cases, and that has led to a lot of misunderstanding and confusion in Portland and beyond. For more updates, please visit: We have also created an email address,, so that our friends, customers, and community members have a place to go to ask any questions they might have.

Dan Schwoerer and Lani McGregor

This is the statement from Bullseye Glass Co. on 18th May 2016 :

We want you to know that Bullseye Glass is here for you now and intends to be for many years to come. However, there are difficult challenges ahead for us and for the entire art glass industry, and your continued support over the next four months is critical.
With new knowledge about air quality in Portland, Bullseye is taking action to improve our glassmaking processes. We are working tirelessly to install filtration systems and look forward to being the cleanest art glass manufacturer in the United States. Our commitment is steadfast to ensure our manufacturing process remains safe for our employees, customers, neighbors, and the community in general.
We support stronger regulation of air toxics, applied consistently to all local businesses. We are on track to meet new standards in the coming months.
Some colors are currently suspended from production while we acquire, install, and test new equipment. These colors are made with cadmium (used for bright yellows, oranges, and reds) and chromium (used for greens). We plan to have an additional furnace for making cadmium glasses in early June, and we also plan to have the ability to produce glasses containing chromium in early August, at which time the required controls will be in place and functioning.

Warm regards, Bullseye Glass 

Anyone with specific questions and concerns should contact Bullseye Glass at