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Geometric Bead Mould

Price:£40.64 Inc VAT£30.48 Inc VAT (£25.40 Ex VAT)up to25% off
4 out of 5 stars Thursday 07 April, 2016 By Robin Porter
I recently purchased this together with two other similar moulds.
I, very carefully, followed the priming application instructions from the "Tricks of the trade" sheet for the geometric bead mould, filled it with the recommended amount of frit, fired at the suggested temperature and time, cooled to ambient temperature and damaged the mould beyond use because the glass stuck to the 'pointy' protrusions.
I suggest that prospective purchasers do not follow the aforementioned instructions, but these:- Place the mould into a suitable tin foil tray of suitable depth, pour the primer into the mould, lift and turn the mould upside down to drain off the excess primer. Dry with a hairdryer, then repeat the process three times.
I am very happy to say that my remaining moulds are intact after a number of firings, but alas, the lesson cost